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About this course

CoSpaces Edu is an incredible online platform which allows students to create all sorts of 3D content - animations, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality experiences, game development, visualisation, and expression -  using a simple drag & drop interface, and block-based coding similar to Scratch.

In this course, you'll:

  • Get up to speed with all its features
  • Learn how to code it with hands-on projects
  • See how it links to Digital Tech in the NZ Curriculum
  • Understand how you can integrate it with your existing curriculum
  • Receive ideas, tips & tricks, and classroom management techniques
  • Get a month of free access to all the Pro features

Weekly live webinars (Tuesdays, 8am - 30mins) with our experts will keep you motivated and the recordings are available  afterwards for review, or in case you can't attend the webinar. 

New online lessons and activities are released each week to compliment webinar content.

Online discussions in the activities give you opportunity to share and learn from other educators.

Best of all, we send regular email reminders to keep you on track đŸ˜‰

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Geoff Bentley - Facilitator & Course Creator

Geoff is a passionate educator and communicator with extensive industry background in digital technology (web) and performance (music & dance) in Aotearoa and overseas.

He thrives on translating the technical into simple terms, and fostering all learners’ natural creativity and curiosity within their planning, teaching, and learning.  

As well as nurturing two curious explorers of his own through Playcentre and school, Geoff runs after-school STEAM clubs for Years 5-10 through his company TechLeap, in-school enviro-workshops via his Repair Detectives programme, and supports teachers and leaders to integrate Digital Tech into their school curriculum.

Geoff is a MoE-Accredited PLD Facilitator currently supporting 10 schools and 2 Kaahui Ako with Digital Tech PLD, from primary to high school.