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Wa-Shokuiku Team

Hi Everyone! This is Debra Samuels, Mayumi Uejima-Carr, Merry White , Chie Abe and Daiei Onoguchi. We are the Wa-Shokuiku team who created this course for you. Along the way you will meet many more "sensei" - teachers. Debra is a food journalist and cooking instructor. She has lived in Japan for many years. Mayumi is Japanese and works for Table For Two , a Japanese organization dedicated to helping relieve world hunger and obesity. Merry is a professor at Boston University and specializes in the food anthropology of Japan. Chie is a Japanese dietician and created all of the nutrition content. Daiei is a graduate of American University. He has won an award for his films on unique Japanese cultural points.

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About this course

Let's learn how to eat healthy!

The “Wa-Shokuiku -Learn. Cook. Eat Japanese!” curriculum is a Japanese-inspired food education program

- created by TABLE FOR TWO -


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Now offering our food education course for free

until July 7th, for students, teachers and parents affected by school closures.

This online program is designed for students studying at home. Through this course, you can learn the principles of Japanese cuisine and food culture, and gain the skills to prepare healthy, nutritious foods to strengthen our bodies and minds!

The course consists of 4 units(*) that focus on 4 different topics to expose students to Japanese food culture and foodways which includes:
Healthy and balanced cooking / Japanese manners and customs / Food-related issues in local and global communities
*4 Units: Rice, B-kyu Gourmet (Popular Japanese Food), Food from the Sea, and Bento

----2 more units (Soy and Sweets) will be released in May----

If you finish all six lessons, you will get a certificate of completion of "Wa-Shokuiku -Learn. Cook. Eat Japanese!- online course!!!

Let’s get through this hard time together! GAMBARO (がんばろう), means hang in there in Japanese!

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TABLE FOR TWO is a non-profit organization devoted to promote healthy eating around the world.

To learn more about our organization: TABLE FOR TWO   

To learn more about our "Wa-Shokuiku" program: Wa-Shokuiku