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Regina Trailweaver

Yoga teacher, Regina Trailweaver, teaches classical style yoga for holistic health based on her decades of studying the ancient tradition of yoga and practicing social work. Her love of mindful moment, passion for wellness, and respect for limitations are all evident in her guidance. The principles that frame every session are awareness, acceptance, and alignment.

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About this course

Just Yoga provides you with three yoga teachings per week:

1) one asana (posture) practice:  20 - 50 minutes

2) one dharma talk on a yogic concept or literary tradition:  5 - 15 minutes

3) one pranayama (breathing and other energy regulation) techniques or a meditation practice:  5 - 20 minutes

An excellent value of 30 - 60 minutes of yoga teachings per week on demand for an annual subscription of $197.  (Consider that one yoga class per week is $12 minimum, $48 per month, $578 per year)

Regina will be your lead teacher,  assisted by exciting guest teachers who are expert nurses, teachers, mental health professionals, spiritual guides, health coaches, pilates instructors, and yoga teachers.

The yoga teaching and practice you want when you need it, scheduled according to your busy life! 

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