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Molly Williams

Molly is a Textile Artist and Designer BA Hons Embroidered Textiles Design Technology Teacher QTS MSCD FRSA Websites:

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About this course

Beginners Soaping Making Course

Learn how to make cold press soap !

You will learn about the chemistry that is Saponification - when soap is made from the reaction between oils and fats and Lye .

Activities include:

  • The properties of oils and fats
  • Essential oils to fragrance soap
  • Colourants - natural herbs and spices to colour you soap
  • Step-by-step videos on how to make a batch of soap
  • How to design your own soap recipes
  • How to use a Lye calculator
  • Labelling and packaging.
  • Downloadable information and a work sheets

I first started to make soap 15 years ago to sell at craft fairs and local markets. I still  make soap for my family and felt making business,  and enjoy teaching soap workshops. Hope you will join me...

Best wishes,