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Molly Williams

Molly is a textile artist specialising in figurative felt sculpture. Contemporary and Modern dance inform the shapes and movement of the felt sculptures, and figurative shapes are a feature of her textile art. Molly lives in the UK and works from her studio in the garden. She teaches felt sculpture workshops internationally. Molly's research interest is in Ottoman textiles, costume and ceramics and she has studied Ottoman costume and design to create replica kaftans and pattern design to be used to print textiles, wall art and other products. BA Hons Embroidered Textiles - Middlesex University Qualified Design and Technology Teacher - Christ Church Canterbury University Memberships: Prism Textile Arts Society of Designer Craftsmen International Felt makers Association Websites:

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About this course

Beginners Soaping Making Course

Learn how to make cold press soap !

You will learn about the chemistry that is Saponification - when soap is made from the reaction between oils and fats and Lye .

Activities include:

  • The properties of oils and fats
  • Essential oils to fragrance soap
  • Colourants - natural herbs and spices to colour you soap
  • Step-by-step videos on how to make a batch of soap
  • How to design your own soap recipes
  • How to use a Lye calculator
  • Labelling and packaging.
  • Downloadable information and a work sheets

I first started to make soap 15 years ago to sell at craft fairs and local markets. I still  make soap for my family and felt making business,  and enjoy teaching soap workshops. Hope you will join me...

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