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Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim Peirano, DACM, LAc is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, Meditation Guide and Educator in San Rafael, CA and online, she is a published author, speaker and intuitive healer. Dr. Kim’s treatments and offerings aim to access the deep inner workings of the mind-body-spirit connection to help her patients and students unlock the root cause of disharmony. Her healing approach is to unblock misalignment in the body-mind-spirit so that her patients can experience a deeper level and layer of their most authentic self - free of pain, stress, tension and full of confidence and vitality. Through acupuncture treatments, wellness coaching, guided meditation and intuitive healing Dr. Kim helps her patients access new layers of their divine embodiment, finding more purpose and peace within their lives. For more information on her practice, offerings and to receive free meditations, healing images and more please visit her online at

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About this course

Hi there!  

Part of life is that we are always going to experience a certain amount of uncertainty, unknowns and great changes - we’re currently having an increased experience of this right now - and it brings up a lot of heightened emotions - like fear, anxiety, worry, stress, anger and grief.  It’s important to remember that all of these emotions are completely normal to be experiencing, and by processing them personally we actually help the collective consciousness move through them as well.  

It’s when we get stuck in these emotions - where we chew on them over and over and get stuck, where they start to take us away from being present in our lives.  

When we aren’t present we tend to experience increased amounts of these emotions but we also have difficulty making clear decisions, focusing on daily tasks and our relationships with our family, friends and ourselves tend to suffer. 

I'm Dr Kim Peirano - Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist and Mediation Guide - Paths to Presence is a brief but in depth dive into different avenues we can take to be more present in our lives - through increased self awareness, embodying compassion and having more neutrality we can experience more peace, ease and grace no matter what we’re facing.  

This self guided course offers guided meditations, short exercises and transformational tools to help you cultivate each aspect of presence that you can implement into your daily life and reclaim your personal power!

I'm excited for you to take this next step on your journey! 

With Gratitude,

Dr. Kim

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