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Clever Paws Dog Training

Allison Ashey is the founder, proud owner & lead trainer of Clever Paws LLC. She is a certified dog trainer and has been training dogs for over a decade. Allison is a Certified Training Partner (CTP) of the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior. She started Clever Paws Dog Training to teach dog owners how dogs learn through science-based training methods. Allison’s force and fear free focused training builds a bond with humans and their dogs and teaches dogs to think plus offer and learn good behaviors. Trainers at Clever Paws LLC attend yearly continuing education to keep their professional certification and to continue to provide quality training with new science-based training methods. Clever Paws Dog Training proudly offers a variety of virtual and online training from foundation manners to advanced classes including recall, walking and canine enrichment games.

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About this course

The Good Doggo! course is a quality online training course designed by the owner and certified trainer of Clever Paws Dog Training. The material covered provides step-by-step instructions and video's for you to teach your puppy or adult dog from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.   

Skills included sit, down, wait, stay, settling on a mat, loose leash walking, recall, leave-it, tricks, generalizing behaviors and adding distraction and duration.  The program goal is to provide great communication between you and your dog, build a bond and set your dog up for success with good foundation manners. Your dog can become a Good Doggo! too with training! 

Learning Outcomes: At the end of the course, with daily practice your dog will have a foundation for good manners. Your course will provide the instructions to teach the first steps to a great recall along with loose leash walking. Your dog will learn to engage with you and demonstrate nice manners including sit and down, settling on a mat and impulse control with mild distractions. Your dog will learn the basics to a nice greetings and a good bond built between you and your dog through training. 

Enroll today and your dog is on their way to become a Clever Doggo Graduate!