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Jennifer Tan, MA | ​Master's in Education-Administration, CA Teaching and Administration Credentials, BA Classical Civilization Jennifer is a professional fiber artist, flutist, aromatherapist, wedding planner & officiant, and educator. She has been a school teacher, gifted and talented facilitator, principal and organizational leader. Rick Tan, MD | Doctor of Medicine, Waldorf Teacher Certification, BA Biological Sciences Rick is a professional artist, harpist, pianist, feng shui consultant, wedding designer & officiant, and educator. He has taught at two Waldorf schools, and has been a public school teacher, gifted and talented facilitator, and school artist-in-residence. ||| The Tan's have homeschooled their own four children both privately and through a charter school in a Waldorf-inspired environment. They consult in the areas of Waldorf curriculum, homeschooling, handwork, art and music.

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Welcome to Clay Animals with Dr. Rick Tan

Learn how to sculpt Chickadee, Walrus, Lizard, Puppies, and Tortoise over five lessons. Lessons include written instructions and videos.