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About this course

Everything we need to know is contained within. Not just in our bodies, cells or DNA. Not just in our minds, brains or intellect. But in our soul. 

It’s here, in our soul memory, that we know all things. This information comes up on its own accord when we are in situations that push us toward growth, such as Near Death Experiences, traumatic events, illness, big shifts. But we don’t need a traumatic event to access this extraordinary information. 

Instead, we can access this knowledge for our own healing, by working intentionally with our memories and our past lives. We can do this without hypnosis or mantra or other more formal techniques for gaining access to our soul self. 

We can do this simply by entering in to Divine vibration, and asking for this information to arrive to us. This is our journey in this course. 

Discerning our Truth

So often, the thoughts we think are not really our own. They’re a series of “thought loops” or thought grooves that we’ve learned over time. These thought loops are the narrative or “story” we tell ourselves and return to so often, that we begin to believe they’re true. These thought loops may not even belong to us! 

We return to these thought loops over and over, as a habit of mind, because:

• It’s what we’ve learned from the past
• It’s part of our belief system
• We find the thought loops comforting
• We find the thought loops distracting
• We’ve become addicted to “our story”

However, when we decide to look at these habits of mind, and examine them closely, we usually find our thought loops are not valid at all. They are simply beliefs, beliefs systems and probably Misbeliefs that we’ve become accustomed to. 

So, how do we find what is true for us? First we, learn to see our thoughts are not real… they’re maya or illusion. We begin to understand there might be many different ways of looking at reality, and we open to the idea that looking at our story differently might be incredibly helpful to us! 

Next, we take the time for deep soul inquiry that takes us to a vibration or consciousness well beyond thought, intellect and the mind. This “entering in” to Divine realm allows us to access the soul and soul memory… 

When we enter in this way, all we have been seeking shows up easily and instantaneously. 

Entering In is Simple

We can use soul inquiry via entering in to explore really deep questions, such as: 

• What is my life’s calling?
• What is my deepest soul lesson?
• What do I most need to learn?
• What am I working on now?
• What am I asked to release?
• What am I being guided to?

These types of big questions are easily answered when we use enter in and travel into different dimensions of time and space. This practice lets us easily: 

• Experience everyday memories for profound healing
• Open up past memories we’ve forgotten
• Energetically “redo” and correct traumatic past memories
• Explore past lives to know our soul’s purpose

The most important thing to know is this: when you do this level of soul inquiry,  the Universe will always provide the correct answer or knowing that you need… each and every time you embark on one of these inner journeys. 

The Oneness Principle

How does this all work? How can we “know everything” simply by entering in? It’s because we’re One.

When you truly accept the idea that you are one of One, you understand that as a soul having a human experience, you are part and parcel of the infinite energy we often call God/One/All/Universe/Divine. 

In other words, You Are That, a.k.a. God/One/All/Universe/Divine. And as That, of course you have full ability to know your intrinsic Self! It’s easy to travel to other dimensions of time/space/matter, because it’s what you are. You’re not separate. 

So, some of questions we have about our experience in this lifetime are easily answered when we dive into past or future. For example:

• Do have problems with your lover? You might check past memories for that.
• Are you at odds with your parent? You might check past memories for that?
• Do you find it difficult to stay in one place? Past memories and/or lives might hold the key.
• Are you struggling with a past wound? You can go back and energetically “redo” or correct that memory across all dimensions.
• Do you long to know your soul’s journey? Glimpse a future life and see. 

Again, it’s very easy to unlock the particular memory, past life or future life that contains the information you’re been seeking. And these Universal answers are profoundly healing and transforming.

This is the work we’ll do in this course… and it is thrilling and bountiful work, indeed! 

 Much love,