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Nancy OKeefe

Nancy OKeefe, MBA, MS, is a Certified Human Design Specialist who brings clarity, empowerment and life changing transformation to her clients through intuitive Human Design Readings, Workshops and Coaching. Nancy helps women peel back the layers of who they have been taught to be to reveal their inner truth, step on to their True Life Path™ and live a life filled with success, satisfaction, and joy. FOR ORGANIZATIONS Nancy is a Workplace Strategist, Leadership and Executive Coach, speaker, and author who helps CEO's and business owners create productive and profitable workplaces where the best talent wants to work. Nancy understands that people are the lifeblood of every organization. But it takes more than perks and benefits to improve employee productivity. We help businesses create more profitable and productive workplaces by focusing on leadership development, company culture, management training, team communication, high-performance, and embracing innovation and change.

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About this course

What does it take to be a leader? Being a leader is not about your title, the power of your position, or how many followers you have. It comes down to three critical steps.

1. Know where you are coming from - Know what you believe in and what your values are so that you can make decisions and lead your team in the direction that supports your vision.

2. Adopt a leadership mindset that positively affects your behaviors, your outcomes and therefore your impact.  When you have a leadership mindset, you take responsibility for your team and your results.

3. Empower your team members to be their best. Identify the strengths and talents of your team so you can empower them to achieve the desired goal.

No matter your personal skills or character traits, you can mold yourself into a leader whom others will respect and graciously follow. In a Leader’s Journey, we look at four dominant leadership styles and their characteristics.

The Arranging Style consists of leaders who prefer to take charge of the situation at hand while focusing on each team member's performance.

The Assisting Style of leaders are also people-oriented but usually have a more easygoing attitude and a quieter approach to leadership than Arrangers.

The Analyzing Style of leaders thrives when working within clear, defined rules. They're sticklers for detail and quality, refusing to let sub-par work go out on their watch.

The Achieving Style leaders are highly focused on the results of their actions. They want to get things done now.

The Leader’s Journey will give you simple but powerful information that will help you uncover the extraordinary leader within you and help you enhance your career.

In it you will:

Discover your core values and how they impact your leadership style

Learn why beliefs & convictions impact your leadership style and how to tune into yours & become more effective

Examine your leadership role and its impact in your everyday life

Learn 10 key leadership qualities

Uncover leadership blunders and learn 4 key strategies to undo them

Identify your role models and learn how to observe them in action