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Dave Fleming

Dave Fleming, D.M., Ph.D. is the founder and CEO of The Ingenuity Lab. The work of The Ingenuity Lab helps organizations and leaders live meaningful lives, create ingenious solutions, and lead through authentic relationships. For over three decades, Dave has been a life and leadership guide - helping people live and lead well. He is a sought-after keynote and workshop presenter and is the author of four books. Dave holds a doctorate in organizational leadership, and PhD in human and organizational systems. He has two grown sons and lives with his lovely wife Jen in Florida.

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About this course

Transitions are a given; thriving through them is options

Dave Fleming, Ph.D.

Everything, and everyone, is always in transition. The transitions, big and small, are both messy and meaningful. Navigating transitions can be difficult. They disrupt and disorient. There's a price to pay to find the meaning in the mess; to thrive during and after. But when we mindfully navigate transitions, we tap the wisdom found within them. And that's what this course will help you do. As you engage the content, you will learn to: 

  • Spot and engage transitions with mindfulness 
  • Understand the anatomy of transition, because this is where it all starts
  • Thrive through and after transitions - even the really hard ones
  • Pull out the wisdom found within transition and live that wisdom as you move forward
  • Include trusted people in your transitions
  • Ready yourself for the transitions ahead, because there are more to come

The Thriving Through Transition Framework

The Curriculum

  • Week One: Embrace Impermanence - Appreciating the fleeting nature of life and the inevitability of change
  • Week Two: Experience Dis-Location - Understanding the events that initiate transitions
  • Week Three: Map Phases - Exploring the three phases of transitions
  • Week Four:  Find Wisdom - Pulling the meaning out of the mess of transitions
  • Week Five: Tell Stories -  Including others in your transitions 
  • Week Six: Live Transitions - Thriving through the next transitions of your life

Format and Schedule

The course includes weekly one hour Zoom webinars (led by Dave), as well as an online learning platform where you can explore the content and engage with Dave  other participants throughout the weeks. 

The course begins on May 5th, 2020 with our first webinar. Here is a schedule of all webinars. 

  1.  May 5, 2020     -   7 pm EST
  2.  May 12, 2020  -    7 pm EST
  3.  May 19, 2020  -    7 pm EST
  4.  May 26, 2020  -    7 pm EST
  5.  June 2, 2020    -   7 pm EST