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Katie Maloney

As an author, speaker, & coach, Katie is deeply passionate about oversharing. Her mission is to share her very real stories of navigating healing from 18 years of childhood sexual abuse so that others feel comfortable laughing about, loving, & sharing their own stories. When Katie first started working through the abuse, she looked to books for guidance on how to talk about her experiences, but all she could find were psychology books or heavily titled self-help books that made her feel like the vastness of her shit was insurmountable. No one talked about the other parts of her story - the beautiful, lighthearted, meaningful, funny, significant moments in her life. She wanted a different kind of conversation, so Katie created that healing conversation in her book & her 10-week Trauma Recovery Program.

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About this course

Katie Maloney's Trauma Recovery Program is a 10-week course designed to help you move through the effects of your trauma that limit your potential so you can thrive!

  Have you:

  • already started your healing journey?

  • been through or are in therapy?

  • done internal work to recover from your trauma?

  • worked with a professional therapist, counselor, or doctor?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a perfect candidate for the Trauma Recovery Program. 

Take your healing another step further today!

*flexible payments available!

Meet Katie Maloney! 

Katie is ready to share a cup of coffee with you and help you smash your trauma and the trouble it's causing you!

*Every student will receive a free eBook copy of Katie's book, Cake Pops & Coffee: A New Conversation About Trauma

*Course also includes several guided meditations, personal videos from Katie, and all the support you need!