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Jenny, Kristin and Kelly

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About this course

We have goals to reach in our LEP business and we want to help you achieve those goals!


Are you an LEP who has told yourself a thousand times that you were going to:

  • start your website?

  • start marketing your private practice?

  • reach out to nearby districts to let them know you are available for IEEs?

  • finish (or start) that brochure?


Then, our Get it Done program is just for you!

How does it work?

  • Each week in June and July, we will meet on Thursdays for 45 minutes @ 4:30 via Zoom as a group

  • We will touch base on your progress towards your goals

  • We will answer questions you have about setting up your business as well as marketing your business

  • The group will provide feedback and ideas as well

  • We celebrate each other’s wins!

This 9-week program will help you:

  • set realistic goals

  • set up benchmarks towards your goals

  • determine the best ways to get the tasks done

  • reach those goals