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Alicja Aratyn

Alicja Aratyn is a Chemist and Master in Environmental Engineering from Poland. She’s also a Reverend with CIMM and carries the Doctorate of Metaphysics. Alicja is a gifted healer, who sees people's energy and removes disturbances from past lives, entities and extraterrestrials. She helps people from many walks of life to bring positive changes and desired effects. Alicja's meta-physical training is based on the Old European School of Radiesthesia and Ancient Egyptian School of Vibrations and Sacred Geometry. Alicja lectures and teaches around the world and is known for turning strictly scientific knowledge into delightful, comprehensive and practical use. She systemized and re-structured the old teaching systems, and created a unique system "Science of Dowsing." According to Alicja, dowsing is the best example of direct application of Sacred Geometry, which helps improve health conditions, quality of live performance, relationship status and the calibre of prosperity.

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About this course

Dowsing is a fascinating modality that evolved with human beings from the beginning of time. Why?

In the beginning, people needed a simple tool to help them with the organization of energy in their surroundings. That's Chinese Feng Shui.

In Ancient Egypt, they used dowsing because they wanted to check the quantity and the quality of the energy of their houses'.

In the Greek Empire, Pythias, known as Oracle of Delphi, consulted wealthy and poor waiving her pendulum over the symbols encrypted on the edge of the large tureen. That's divination. 

During those millennia, people used Intuitive Dowsing when energies talked to each other, and the pendulum acted upon those findings.

Over the following centuries, though, dowsing evolved from a method to assist in improving the quality of life, to the tool used by many for practically everything. People wanted help with allocating their stock market, predict their future, making wiser business and personal decisions, etc., so they started to ask questions. That's the cradle of Mental Dowsing!

Regardless of its recent status, on our way to the popularization of dowsing, we have lost most of the ancient wisdom, incredibly vast knowledge, and its primary meaning as a method of cooperation with the Universe. 

But it can and will be changed! 

In our fast-paced life, we need quick solutions, high accuracy and trusted approaches to solving our problems. That is the core of dowsing!

Today is your time to begin your incredible journey! You will learn the ancient methods and their efficient application in our modern life. 

As Stephen Hawkins said: "There is no magic, just fields of physics, which we do not know yet!", you are about to begin your fantastic trip toward science hidden in shapes, which are the keys to unlock your potential and to become an excellent, knowledgeable and successful dowser!

The door is round and open - step in!

Running time: 4h 50 minutes