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Janine Bolon

Janine has been a businesswoman since the age of 10. She wanted candy, her parents wouldn't give her an allowance, so...she made her first business to get the cash she needed. Since then she has built and sold businesses for over 30 years. She now teaches, writes books and speaks internationally. Enjoy the course, take the time to do the activities. Watch your life improve.

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About this course

Welcome to Promotional Podcasting with Janine & The8Rings Media Group!

Thank you for taking the first step to being our guest!

This short course is an effort to explain why pdf files, static images, speaker one-sheets and certain word documents are not helpful submissions for the promotional podcasting that me & my teams produce for you.

There are seven teams  involved in the procurement, management and post-production of the Radio Station Episodes you will be promoted on.

These teams create 27 different thumbnails/images, manage scheduling, emailing and promotion while broadcasting on 42 different networks. 

You'll learn:

What is a Media Kit?

Why do I need a Media Kit?

How do I Make a Media Kit?

With Whom do I Share my Media Kit?

Thank you for your time and for helping me promote you in a high quality, high content style!

This short course should only take you an hour to complete.