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Debra Wilson Guttas

HTP, Soul Sherpa™, Astrologer and Best-Selling Author Guiding and inspiring women in life transition, and cancer recovery, to craft lives with more purpose and passion for over 20 years with her signature approach combining both spiritual and practical life tools.

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About this course

"Sharing (and decoding) the wisdom of astrology - so you can live more in flow with life."

The Thriving Circle is an international community of wisdom seekers, passionate about creating a deeper connection to their SELF – and creating a life they love in the process!


Lunar Moods Workshop & Meditation

August 21, 2021 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

"Don’t dismiss the elements. Water soothes and heals. Air refreshes and revives. Earth grounds and holds. Fire is a burning reminder of our own will and creative power. Swallow their spells. There’s a certain sweet comfort in knowing that you belong to them all.” ― Victoria Erickson

There are eight phases of the moon. Each phase brings with it an energy that when you are aware of them you can begin to work with them in a more conscious way.

Last month we explored these eight phases of the moon and the energies of each of them. I also shared a simple Lunar Journal practice to work WITH the energy to be more in flow in your life.

During this workshop we'll: 

* Explore how the 8 phases mimic other natural cycles and rhythms in nature; 

* Decode how the phases relate to the elements of earth, air, fire and water; and 

* Walk you through a process to see them in action in your own life in a very practical way.

 I’ll also reveal a new tool I’ve discovered to help you stay in “tune” with these cycles!

As always there will be time for discussion throughout the workshop, so bring your questions!

We'll end with a nourishing meditation to welcome in the Full Moon in Aquarius. ;-))


The Thriving Circle is a sacred space for all - no matter where you are on your spiritual journey.

Come with me – let’s play in the field of possibilities TOGETHER!

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You will explore and learn one more clue about what your own birth chart, your Secret Soul Map, reveals about:

* Where and in what ways you can expand or explore more deeply – for more fulfillment and ease in your life;

* What needs to be nurtured in your life – so that you feel grounded, connected and supported; and

* What structures are needed – to support your personal and spiritual growth.


  • How to access and print your personal birth chart;
  • The basics of the chart components;
  • Where to look for the meanings of the planetary movements;
  • The deeper connection to your own personal purpose at this pivotal point in time; and
  • How to recognize and honor your strengths and your weaknesses.

Step by step I'll help you learn and apply techniques and practices proven to support you in feeling more grounded, connected, happy and at peace in your world. 


As we move forward month by month, we'll be using a workbook as a foundation of our exploration together.  This workbook is one that I have found to be a sort of "astrology for dummies". It's called Astrology for Yourself. This book literally started me on my own deep dive into astrology.

It has brief exercises that I will have you complete as an adjunct to our work together here in the Thriving Circle. It will also serve as a written record of your journey that you'll be able to reference over and over again.

We won't be going through it from front to back, but rather skipping around as we explore different topics that will take you through continuing to complete your Secret Soul Map and working with the energies each month as they arise.


Spend an hour 1-2 times per month masterminding with me and other Thriving Circle Members.

  • Learn how to leverage the evolving monthly energies of astrology - so you can live more in "flow" with life.
  • Easily read and interpret the secrets in your astrology chart and what it says about your mission and your purpose.
  • Mini Mind, Body & Spirit workshops!
  • Guided visualizations and meditations (that you can download and keep)!
  • Mini astrology chart readings of our members - could be YOURS!

Other topics include:

  • How to make the most of a fresh start;
  • Holistic methods to increase your health and vitality; and
  • Developing a present moment mindset vs. living in the future or the past.


Every month we will have a special theme with resources and LIVE mastermind calls built around that theme to keep things fresh and suited to the chosen content. If you can’t attend LIVE, no problem, they’ll be recorded and available to watch or listen to (as downloadable mp3s) on your membership dashboard.

Benefits of Joining

  • Live webinars with remote group Reiki energy healing sessions with Debra.
  • Monthly meditations and affirmations to inspire you on your Spiritual path.
  • Seasonal and self-care rituals and ceremonies to bring magic into your life.
  • Mini online courses to expand your mind - and your life!
  • Downloadable Affirmations to support you in feeling empowered!
  • Tips to cultivate your self-care and Mindfulness practice and tools to help you Thrive.
  • Share in a community of like-minded spirits from around the globe.
  • Opportunity to ask Debra your questions on live webinars and in our private Facebook group.
  • Discounts on Debra’s other courses and her Annual Transform & Thrive Retreat.
  • Monthly opportunities to  have your own birth chart read!

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