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Sarah Valentine

Hi, I’m Sarah, I have worked as an actor, casting director, agent, and accent coach. I now predominantly work with actors, voice actors, and others interested in mastering Accents and the art of the Self-Tape. I have always taught one-on-one and am now venturing into teaching students over the interweb, hehe. I don't teach like other teachers, I teach my student's unique tips and techniques to gain the skills they need to get that perfect self-tape or perfectly impersonate an accent and make it real for them. I like to have a lot of fun too. I really look forward to working together. Kindest Sarah Valentine

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About this course

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As we move into a new world where auditions with the casting director are going to become a thing of the past and self-taping is going to be the way of the future, now is the time to get camera ready! Become a self-tape king or queen. 

Take the opportunity of getting yourself camera ready!!! 

Look around you , we are living in a new world that isn't going to change back to what you knew very quickly. This new world is where everyone is having to be more hands-on. We are having to do more and more self-promotion in this new digital age, and everyone needs to keep up or be left behind.  We aren't leaving anyone behind in this course!!!!

The benefits for this are HUGE! As actors, we now get to audition for international work and we can submit to casting directors as never before. 

What Is the 7 Day Self Tape Challenge?

The Self Tape Academy has created a number of online courses designed to help actors be on top of their game.  The 7 day self tape challenge is designed for students 18 and over.

First you'll learn the basics of doing a great self tape and then every day during the 7 days you’ll learn a new script, shoot your self-tape, upload it to the academy and share it with your fellow actors. 

How Does The 7 Day Self Tape Challenge Work?

You’ll gain confidence through the practice of recording self-tapes, get insight from watching other self tapes, and receive valuable feedback on your work from fellow actors.

What kind of material will you receive?

Each day you’ll receive a script, as well as tips, tricks, and resources along the way.

Should I do this course?

Yes! You will become more skilled as an actor, you can collaborate with fellow actors, get feedback and end up with a skill that will last a lifetime and potentially get you the role of your dreams.

Best of all you will have a lot of fun doing it!

We sincerely hope you enjoy this course.

Signing off

Sarah Valentine
Self Tape Academy