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Katherine Sanders

I work with progressive leaders interested in improving the health of their work systems.

I have a BS, MS & PhD in Industrial & Systems Engineering, specializing in Human Factors.

That means I'm a work system engineer who focuses on employee and organizational health. My research area was occupational stress, so I'm well-versed in how chronic stress erodes health.

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About this course

Start the Conversation

On-Demand, $60

Safety isn't just about following rules.  Safety is also about having the capacity to respond.  As a situation continues to change, we are more reliant than ever on our people having the capacity to respond. 

This one-hour program provides a simple framework for you to have a rich conversation with your employees about what they need to be safer at work. Use it again and again as the situation continues to evolve.

  • engage your people
  • find out what matters most to them
  • benefit from their expertise and insights
  • come up with a better (safer, healthier, sustainable) way to work

Use it like a book, returning to it whenever you have time and interest.  If you'd like to discuss what you're learning with me and/or other participants, let's catch up in my free monthly First Fridays video calls.  The zoom info is included within the program.


BBBW: Start the Conversation is an evergreen program.  I will periodically update the content (without adding to the length of the program) and let you know what's new. 

It's available to you 24/7 for as long as I teach on Ruzuku.  If ever I decide to move to another platform, I'll let you know where this content will land, and will make every effort to make sure you still have access to it.


On-demand courses are like DVDs or CDs in that, once they have been opened, they cannot be returned.  There are no refunds for my on-demand courses.

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