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Claudette Chenevert

I love working with stepmoms and helping them find their place in the family. I'm also all about creating strong and healthy relationships by sharing effective communication and conflict management tools. To find out more about Claudette, go to

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About this course

Wouldn’t it be great to understand what makes your  stepfamily tick?  

Wouldn’t life be a whole lot easier to manage if you could clearly decipher why  your family say what they say…do what they do…and respond the way they respond  to your words and actions? 

The key lies in understanding one little piece of the human condition…EMOTION. 

Although emotions are chaotic, unreasonable and  unpredictable, we all want a lot of the same things. 

And those wants and desires shape our emotional responses to  the situations we encounter in life. So understanding these simple, core human  desires gives us an advantage when dealing with people and their emotions. And  that advantage can make the difference between success and failure at work,  home and out and about in life, dealing with all kinds of people in all kinds  of circumstances.  

But it’s not just others’ emotions you have to navigate, is  it? 

If you’re like most stepmoms, you’ve probably said or done  things you wish you hadn’t…all in the heat of an emotional moment.  

I know it’s probably only happened once or twice, but  still…those couple of incidents were pretty frustrating, weren’t they? 

Wouldn’t it also be great to learn how to handle life’s ups  and downs…and manage YOUR OWN emotions in all situations? 

That’s exactly why I’ve created this self-study program

            Emotional  Smart Stepmom: Using Emotional Intelligence to Create More Joy and  Happiness in Your Stepfamily

During this super-empowering, life-changing self study  program, you’ll discover 

  • The five domains of Emotional Intelligence that  impact your every day life and relationships. 
  • The one secret strategy to strengthening your EQ  so you can effectively navigate through your emotions.  
  • How to become more aware of your thoughts,  feelings, and actions in every situation or setting.    
  • The exact tactics you can       use to create more personal success.
  • How to manage our social       skills so that we can more effectively live and work with others.
  • And much more.

This training is guaranteed to be CHOCK FULL of insight,  tips and strategies you can start using IMMEDIATELY  to… 

  • Expand and activate your hidden potential of understanding,  empathy and awareness to improve your personal life, career, and business.
  • Minimize misunderstandings.
  • And maximize your effectiveness…at home. 

You owe it to yourself and your stepfamily…

It’s a small time investment for BIG changes that will  dramatically improve your relationships and your LIFE. 

See you on the next page.


The Stepmom Coach