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Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie

Heart and hearth tending, homemaking, homeschooling mama, early childhood educator, parenting group leader, childbirth educator, former homebirth midwife, striving to protect the wonder of childhood and savor daily life - through slow, simple and deliberate living. I offer Celebrate the Rhythm of Life Year Round Program to support parents, teachers and caregivers to bring rhythm and a conscious and creative awareness to being with children, with a focused monthly topic and plenty of daily, weekly and seasonal enthusiastic support. We focus on simple living, tending hearth and hearts with home cooking, handmade, beauty and artistry in everyday life. I edit The Wonder of Childhood online monthly magazine and am on sabbatical from tending The Children's Garden, a nursery program for young children and their families. I'm a Simplicity Parenting Coach and have served on the Board of Directors for LifeWays North America as well as on WECAN's Birth to Age 3 Task Force.

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About this Course

Celebrate the Rhythm of Life  Homeschooling and Home living  program is an online year round program supporting creative, conscious and connected homeschooling,homemaking and parenting program that embraces "tending the hearth" and parenting, as a path of inner development. 

I support you to find rhythm in your daily life, weeks and months through the year, along with support for soulful parenting - weaving in my experience with Waldorf and LifeWays early childhood through daily life with storytelling, imaginative play, housework, connection with others, and nourishment for both child and parent.

Support includes monthly focus topic eCourses, ongoing interaction in a warm and wise community, materials packets that include songs, verse, movement games, stories, puppetry, handwork, self care, artistic activities, verses, child development, the senses, festival life, celebrations, seasonal recipes, handwork, community, gardening and tips from the Children's Garden, my home childcare program.

Join me to find wonder in the everyday, to find both inner and outer connection with the energies of the seasons, and to be in community with others who walk a similar path.

*This is a Lifetime Membership

Membership includes:

Twelve Months of  Materials for the Kindergarten (4-6) and Nursery (2-4) child

Materials include: Stories, Songs, Verses, Circles, Festivals, Puppetry, Finger plays, Movement Games, Recipes, Gardening, Tips for Home Based Nurseries and Child Care Givers and more.

Also included:


Daily Rhythm Support

Transition Support



Ongoing Consulting

Twelve Months of eCourses for your inner work and to deepen your understanding of Steiner/Waldorf early childhood 

eCourse topics include:

Simple Gratitude


Limits and Boundaries

Creating Circles


Sketch it Out Planning

Celebrate the Rhythm of Life 

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