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Benedict Beaumont

Hello you! My name is Ben and I am a co-founder of Breathing Space. I passionately believe in the healing and transformative power of Breathwork. I have had personal experience of this and seen it in the hundreds of people that I have had the honour of facilitating through Breathwork journeys. It is powerful and profound, but it is also simple and accessible to everyone. Breathing Space was set up in 2018 as a way to bring this amazing practice out into the world. We now run workshops, retreats and training courses all over the world. Please check out our web page - and our for more information about us and what we do, Benedict

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About this course

This course is led by Julia Davis of Finchley Yoga & Yoga Teachers Forum.  BWY Dip, Preg Mod. Postnatal Yoga Birth Trained, Yoga for Women's Health Therapy.

Pregnancy can bring with it a whole raft of emotions:  surprise, longing, fear, elation, trepidation and joy may be some that you have experienced already on the rollercoaster ride already.  

However much we read or watch to gain information pregnancy is a felt experience and the tools we gain from practising breathwork can be some of the most powerful to support us through pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.  

The techniques you will learn in this course will give you tools to help you to:

  • Sleep more easily
  • Manage pregnancy pain
  • Overcome feelings of overwhelm and fear

During labour you can use these techniques to manage the waves of contractions you feel and to manage the transition phase and work with your body as you birth your baby.  Whatever birth you experience from elective C section to active birth - all are welcome here.

You can also take these breathing practices through your time with your new baby as they help you with the challenges of sleep depravation and the emotional challenges of a life that has been totally transformed by a new addition to the family.

Join  me on a journey of breath. where we can find a place of felt calm in the body and enable you to fully own the experience of your pregnancy, birth & parenting.

Julia Davis and Breathing Space