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Chris Johnstone

I am a specialist trainer for resilience and wellbeing at

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About this course

Do you or your clients sometimes struggle to reach wellbeing goals? Do you, or they, stall or slip back after good initial progress? This free short online course introduces an evidence-based coaching style shown to help people tackle health-harming habits and succeed with wellbeing-related behavioural change. While Motivational Inteviewing was initially developed in the field of health psychology, its principles and core tools can be applied to any type of conscious goal-directed change. There are also ways to adapt some of its core principles and practices for self-help use.

This short video (about 6 mins) here gives an example, with Chris Johnstone coaching a puppet called Dan who wants to give up smoking.

The conversational style Chris is using in this video is intended to support Dan in making in own argument for change. The videos in this short free introductory course help make clearer how he is doing this, and also how you might apply this approach to conversations supporting wellbeing.

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This online course also introduces the more in-depth recorded online course Coaching for Wellbeing with Motivational Interviewing available at