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Donna Durbin

Donna is a world traveler, Certified American Accent Coach, entrepreneur, online course creator, University professor and professional artist. She transforms lives by teaching accent reduction and American English pronunciation to non-native English speakers. Using practical, step-by-step, methods she teaches you to speak English clearly and effectively, so you're understood in all conversations. Being bilingual is an advantage. Her training provides the English pronunciation skills to express yourself in all situations. Speaking clearly creates mutually respectful, comprehensible, compassionate, and successful interaction with others. Our global economy thrives on creative collaboration, diverse perspectives, world viewpoints, experiences, and your unique talents. Join me. email: 713-893-7363

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About this course

Welcome to my 5 Day Accent Reduction Challenge.  If you are determined to improve your speaking,  I challenge you to do these lessons everyday. You will begin to speak differently. 

Does your foreign accent cause misunderstandings and frustration, for you and the listener? Do you feel insecure  when you speak English? These simple techniques will help you change that.  

For the next 5 Days, you will receive new video lessons with activities to complete in your inbox.  Your unconscious speaking habits and muscle coordination are the problem.  These lessons will teach you how to change your speaking. They will work, WHEN you USE them. 

Learn how to:

  • Say your name with an American Accent
  • Strengthen your mouth and tongue muscles to correctly articulate the English alphabet. 
  • Learn six important steps to change your speaking 50% right now. 

Need more?? If you are serious about speaking English, like an American,  my step-by-step course, the ABC's of an American Accent, gives you lifetime access to the pronunciation video course materials to learn American articulation and intonation. Combine that with the weekly LIVE COACHING Group subscription on Zoom to get real-time personalized feedback, lesson reviews, practice, correction, replays and Q&A time, for as long as you choose. 

  • LIVE COACHING CALLS monthly Subscription
  • 24/7 Self-Study Video lessons and practice activities
  • Personalized Feedback on your recording homework

Master the skills of speaking English, like a native, to be comfortable, confident, and secure in all your English conversations.  

Schedule a Zoom call HERE for your interview and to be added to the Wait List. 

BONUS: subscribe to the monthly 1st Monday Accent Reduction Coaching Call for an hour of pronunciation coaching with me on Zoom. The first time is FREE. 

Cheers, Donna