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Glacia Rain - Ascension Consciousness Learning Society

Glacia Rain, Founder of the Ascension Consciousness Learning Society™  is a Certified Life Coach fulfilling a mission to assist in planetary acceleration of consciousness evolution. One of Instagram’s and YouTube’s popular intuitives with thousands of global followers and subscribers, she offers one-of-a kind, proprietary learning events designed to support others in claiming their spiritual sovereignty and to step into their true power as creator beings. Glacia is dedicated to aiding others in connecting to their higher selves and stepping onto their true path.  ​

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About this course

Light infusions are a quick way to activate the natural shield around a body and keep the aura free and clear of negativity. Running white light can help heal a plethora of things in your life. In this class you will learn how to:

• Anchor light into the planetary body 

• Increase the light quotient in your body, food, beverages, etc.

• Burn off stagnant energies and increase the immune system 

• Amplify any intentions

• Boost the light quotient of the overall collective field

• Purify the energy of your home and physical objects that come into your life

•…. And MUCH MORE!

This course will have prerecorded video, written materials, exercises to practice, quizzes  and an optional live webinar so you can ask questions if any come up. 

Lesson Overview:

Lesson 1: Not All Light is the Same 

Lesson 2: Intentional Light Working

 Lesson 3: Light Shielding 

Lesson 4: Drawing in the Light

Lesson 5: Increase Your Light Quotient 

Lesson 6: Lightwork to Activate Prosperity & Abundance

Lesson 7: Purify Food & Beverages

Lesson 8: Boost Immunity with Light

Lesson 9: Anchor Light to Revitalize the Planetary Well Being 

Lesson 10: Clear the Collective with Light

Lesson 11: Cleanse Your Home & Physical Objects 

Lesson 12: Rejuvenate Plants & Treat Pets 

Bonus Webinar: Q & A

Please note: This is a foundation class for those who want to learn to work with light and is a prerequisite for the next course in this series.  The focus of this class is to learn how to use light to work on and heal yourself.  For healers, coaches or people entering into healing as a profession and are looking for certification, there is an additional course following this one. It is the Living Spectrum Light Worker course where you can get certified to work on others by using the spectrum of light to heal chakras, the multiple layers of the aura , the etheric and physical bodies and much more!