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Apryl Jensen

Artist, Writer, and Sculptor from Utah

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About this course

This Mermaid Princess ArtDoll is a great project!  She is a larger doll and easier to sculpt.  She measures about 8 inches with her tail bent, and is around 11 inches outstretched. Though she is a stunning doll, all you need to learn is how to sculpt a head, hands, and torso.  I'll walk you through every step of the way. You will learn to sculpt her sweet face and torso, delicate hands and nails.  Her tail is posable and make of fabric.  Her fin is orchid-like and made of mixed media.  This eCourse is for the videos only.  You can find the full supply and DVD kit here.  Please note the raw videos are available here but I'm still editing them over the next couple of days.