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Donna Powers

Donna Powers, DCH Donna is a homeopath, online educational teacher and is also available as a workshop consultant, speaker and writer. As a homeopath and educator, Donna provides information about infectious childhood illnesses and teaches parents how to use homeopathic remedies to help support self-healing. Outbreaks of infectious childhood illness are happening more frequently worldwide. Having a system of medicine that will support healing at home is critical. In epidemics and pandemics (especially in viral outbreaks) conventional medical support will be limited. Donna's mission: a homeopathic kit in every home and to know how to safely and successfully use the remedies. DCH Homeopath, Founder and Owner of Powers of Homeopathy. Publisher Homeopathy First Magazine.

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About this course

Accidents and sickness happen - all too often in busy households! 

Get ready to gain more confidence in using your homeopathic remedies safely and successfully in your home medicine cabinet or kit!

This is a 6  week course, once a week (same day, different times for both webinar video and dial in audio) for 90 minutes. You can attend both classes in the same day with the same topic or attend one or the other. Everything is recorded in video and audio and available 24/7, 365 days a year. 

You will learn:

Lesson 1 SKIN - our first organ of elimination. Our body's invisible, energetic vital force will choose the skin first to detox and to express any internal imbalances outwardly. You will learn how to support the vital force in self-healing rather than suppress skin symptoms - so important in maintaining good health. Skin conditions - cradle cap, diaper rash, pimples/acne, eczema/psoriasis, bee stings and a mention of eruptive fevers (fevers that end in a rash).

Lesson 2 DIGESTIVE COMPLAINTS - from baby colic to adult digestive complaints including constipation, diarrhea, gall bladder, vomiting/nausea, cramps

Lesson 3 DENTAL - from teething (dentition) to complaints of children and adults when it comes to all complaints related to the teeth, mouth and tongue including fear of dentists.

Lesson 4 COLDS, COUGHS, CROUP, PNEUMONIA - from baby snuffles to children's respiratory complaints to the aging adult population.

Lesson 5 ACCIDENT/INJURY and BUMPS/BRUISES - from broken bones to scrapes; head injuries and shock 

Lesson 6 PRE - SURGERY and POST - SURGERY - healing support to detoxing from medications and anesthetic

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