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Marnie Clark

I am a natural therapist and breast cancer coach at It is my passion to help others going through the breast cancer journey, to help you get well and thrive and give yourself the best chances of living recurrence-free.

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About this course

If You Have Been Through the Standard Therapies of Chemotherapy and Radiation for Cancer You Need This Information!

If We Could Teach You Exactly How To Follow a System to Detox After Cancer To Reduce the Chances of Cancer Ever Returning, Would You Want To Learn?

Of Course You Would!

We are excited to share with you our Chemo Cleanse System because no one wants  to have to worry about cancer ever coming back - once in a lifetime is plenty!

What would it mean to you to know exactly what to do to get your health back on track? This is unlike any training you've ever taken or heard about.  This course will give you the tools, knowledge and specifics to eliminate toxins and disease from your body. 

Here's who will be teaching you this:

About Judy Seeger

Judy Seeger has 35+ years of experience as a Naturopath (alternative medicine doctor). Judy had family members with cancer, as well as loads of cancer patients that she worked with in her clinics in Wisconsin and California, so she has an extensive background in working with cancer patients. Marnie dragged Judy out of retirement so she could teach us everything she has learned about detoxification for cancer. She is now focused only on helping all of YOU!

Judy shares “I was fortunate enough to be trained by world renowned healers like Dr. John Christopher (master herbalist), Dr. Bernard Jensen (world renowned nutritionist) and then Dr. Joel Robbins, MD, DC, ND, who started teaching me that detoxing was not just about drinking a liver flush drink, but also eating more veggies, living a life of peace, letting go of anger, and using natural detox therapies that cleansed my whole body not just my liver.

“I worked with thousands of people in my clinics and saw them get excellent results. I worked on rebuilding their body first, then went onto the next step  - using simple natural detox therapies to help them eliminate their poisons. From mercury to chemo to sugar cravings, people came to me to learn how to eliminate the poisons that were causing them to feel sick. After 35 years of working in the Alternative Medicine field, I've put my findings into this online course to make detoxing as SIMPLE as possible for others and without all the pain and suffering I had to go through with my own health challenges.”

About Marnie Clark

Marnie Clark has 20+ years of experience as a natural therapist, overcame breast cancer herself in 2004, and has been a breast cancer coach since 2012. Marnie also had family members with breast cancer, and has made it her business to teach as many as she can how to use diet, exercise, intermittent fasting, herbal medicine, essential oils, and other lifestyle “tweaks” to make sure cancer never returns.

Marnie shares “After losing both my grandmother and my mother to breast cancer, and then being diagnosed with it myself, I knew that I was going to have to be really proactive and learn everything I could about how to heal from this. I have been teaching others how to successfully heal from breast cancer, and have created two online courses - one teaching meditation, and one teaching women which lifestyle alterations, foods, supplements, therapies, etc make the biggest difference when healing from breast cancer. The missing piece was a comprehensive program teaching how to properly and safely detox from chemotherapy and radiation, and with Judy’s help we now have that missing piece.

I dragged Judy Seeger, ND, out of retirement to share her extensive knowledge about cleaning and detoxing with my thrivers because after chemotherapy and radiation we need to know:

  • how to eat and take care of our bodies after standard therapies have finished
  • how to recharge and boost our immune system

  • how to eliminate the toxic buildup from chemo and radiation

Our Combined Mission

Our combined mission is to teach you how to become self reliant and know how to eliminate dangerous toxins anytime you want/need to. 

Not only do we show you exactly how to eliminate chemotherapy and radiation toxins from your body, but more importantly, we also show you how to use a proven system to boost your immune system so that you get maximum results.  

We also address the importance of detoxing emotional health which is just as important as detoxing the physical body, and we show you some powerful methods for doing so.

The Chemo Cleanse System:

  • Is an easy to follow system that safely eliminates toxins after chemo and radiation have finished.
  • Teaches you how to make sure your immune system is super strong, because it’s your #1 defense against cancer 

  • Teaches you other ways of making your body hostile terrain for cancer growth.

  • Offers quicker results with therapies that work.

  • Will help you gain more energy, sleep better, eliminate pain, and make sure you don’t have to ever worry about cancer spreading or coming back.

  • Helps you gain knowledge on how to use herbs, supplements, foods, and natural therapies that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

This is not your normal wimpy mickey mouse program that teaches you some technique or throws a few supplements at you which will work for a week or two, then stop working.

This is an online course PLUS a Facebook group to support you while you’re going through your detox. This program will show you STEP BY STEP how to cleanse every single part of your body from the chemo and/or radiation toxicity that has devastated your body. 

AND it’s never too late to learn how to do this - even if it's been years since you had chemo or radiation therapy, your body has still been extremely weakened by the effects of these toxic therapies.

Here's what makes this different from any other course you've ever taken part in... it's our combined KNOWLEDGE AND INTENTION!

The Challenges Are…

  • There are simply hundreds of options when it comes to detoxing - so many liver detox kits, colon cleanses, kidney cleanses, etc but which is best to follow?

  • How do you know what to cleanse first?

  • What foods, herbs, supplements and therapies make the biggest difference?

  • You don’t want to feel rotten while you’re doing a detox program

How We Have Answered Those Challenges:

We have put together a simple-to-follow detox cleanse program that will give you confidence to know what to do every step of the way

We teach you step-by-step how to cleanse the colon, liver, kidneys, lymphatics and even your emotional health, all of which will give you far better results than just taking a few supplements

We explain exactly why each therapy is being recommended, as well as how to properly perform each and every one of them

Knowing how to do a detox the right way saves you money and time since you can do it right in your own home instead of going to a pricey spa or resort

We also teach you how to keep from having detox side effects (because you don’t have to suffer while you’re doing a cleanse! Really - you don’t need to suffer from headaches, aches and pains, or nausea as long as you know the secrets of doing a cleanse properly)

Imagine This...

Imagine not ever worrying about cancer coming back because you know exactly what you have to do to keep it away

Imagine having the right food plan that can slowly and surely eject the toxins from your body’s organs

Imagine being able to have two experts guide you along the way – you don’t have to do this alone!

Imagine waking up after a FULL night’s sleep, UNINTERRUPTED by worries and fears, or feeling rotten - waking up feeling happy, refreshed, and ready to do what you want to do.

Are You Ready For This?

If you are seriously committed to your health

You want to feel better NOW

If you’re ready to be held accountable and get motivated

The Chemo Cleanse System is exactly what you need.

You'll Get IMMEDIATE Results

We start by showing you specific detox strategies you can use immediately

  • Detox Colon  - when you know exactly how to detox your colon using special herbs and therapies....those toxins don't stand a chance of hanging around.
  • Detox Liver  - if you don't do a thorough cleansing of your liver, the chance of secondary cancers is increased. Learn how to do it the right way using foods, therapies, herbs.

  • Detox Lymphatics  - no more swollen lymph nodes when you use specific techniques for reducing swelling. This therapy takes only 15 minutes a day, but there are key elements you must know to make it more effective!

  • Emotional Detoxification - we are a totality of body, mind and spirit! You need to know what to do to release toxic emotions like anger, inability to forgive, negative thinking - all of which can impact your immune system and keep you toxic 

  • Meal Planning - knowing how to use foods to detox AND rebuild your immune system is the foundation for healing. You'll learn the right foods to eat daily.

  • Schedules For Chemotherapy Detox - knowing all the right foods and therapies is great, but how do you fit it into your busy schedule? You'll learn how with this system.

  • Schedules for Radiation Detox - it's a MUST-Do program that you will learn in this training.

  • Natural therapies you can do at home that are safe, low cost, and effective. These won’t break the bank. 

You'll Also Get:

Facebook Private group time where you can ask questions, get answers, and find buddies to share with, all of which helps you to stay motivated!


"I feel tremendously better after the detox. I have way more energy. Sleeping without sleeping pills, I sleep like a baby now, 8-9 hours every night. People are saying how great I look, and I feel fantastic! " - Shelley Appleton, DC, Neuroscientist, Masters in Anatomy - Florida – 46 y.o.

“After doing much research, and overwhelming info, my challenge was to find something that felt “right” for me in my healing journey like concerns around diet, detox, and understanding why i was doing what I would be doing. ONE of the GREATEST things about you ….your info, your choice of words, it’s power, its positive…period.” - Michelle Shaw, New York

"After doing this cleanse… my infections are healing,  my mouth sore is gone, my foot cramps are gone, my brain fog is getting better. I still have a long way to go but my body is healing. Thank you for everything you did for me. My heart is filled with gratitude for you.”  - Kim Fisichella, 57 y.o.

“I want to make sure you understand how grateful I am for your services and especially your personal guidance in responding to my many questions.  Your involvement gave me a very high degree of confidence in the program and created a determined mindset to follow the program to the maximum degree possible. Thanks a million!” - W. Bibb,  Florida- 70 y.o.

How Much Will All This Cost?

What is your health worth?

How much more money will you spend on supplements that don't work?

How much more time will you waste not getting results?

How many more sleepless nights will you have because you don't know how to get rid of these toxins that you know are harming your health? 

Your health is the MOST VALUABLE commodity on the face of this earth and if you're like most people, you know it means everything!

Here’s What Cancer Cleanse System SHOULD Cost:

  • Video Tutorials                                                     $400.00 value

  • Access to Course - Lifetime                          $500.00 value

  • Checklists/Resources/Guides                     $100.00 value

  • Community Facebook Private Group    $priceless 

Total                                                                                           $1,000.00 USD

BUT IF YOU SIGN UP TODAY, Get Everything Right Now for $497.00     

14 Day Money No Risk Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee you’re going to love this online course along with all the bonuses. If you’re not completely thrilled with your decision, just contact our customer support by Day 14 and we’ll give you a full refund of your purchase price. We are removing all risk and putting it squarely on our shoulders where it belongs! However, we know once you go through the training you’re going to absolutely love it. You’ll feel empowered, confident, and worry-free after you have done the work described in the course.

To your health,

Judy Seeger and Marnie Clark

P.S. If you’ve never done a detox before, it doesn’t matter! This course is going to give you the confidence boosting tools to get you over the fear that you are doing something wrong,  that there’s too much to do, or that you are going to be overwhelmed with the whole process. You’ll see noticeable results as soon as you apply the foods, herbs, and natural therapies even if you can only do 80% of the program!

P.P.S. If you’ve done detoxes before and haven’t seen any results, don’t despair! Using the step by step system will show you what you’ve been missing. Most health practitioners simply don’t know all, but we’ll guide you every step of the way!

P.P.P.S.  This course will NOT be priced this low again. This is an introductory price and it would be insane for us to keep it this low….don’t miss out!