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Alicja Aratyn

Alicja Aratyn is a Chemist and Master in Environmental Engineering from Poland. She’s also a Reverend with CIMM and carries the Doctorate of Metaphysics. Alicja is a gifted healer, who sees people's energy and removes disturbances from past lives, entities and extraterrestrials. She helps people from many walks of life to bring positive changes and desired effects. Alicja's meta-physical training is based on the Old European School of Radiesthesia and Ancient Egyptian School of Vibrations and Sacred Geometry. Alicja lectures and teaches around the world and is known for turning strictly scientific knowledge into delightful, comprehensive and practical use. She systemized and re-structured the old teaching systems, and created a unique system "Science of Dowsing." According to Alicja, dowsing is the best example of direct application of Sacred Geometry, which helps improve health conditions, quality of live performance, relationship status and the calibre of prosperity.

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About this course

The story of Atlantis, wealth and prosperity of its citizens, as well as contacts with other civilizations, are commonly considered today as a great myth. Regardless of mainstream people's opinions, some pursue this topic and travel the world and dive into the depths of oceans to find a trace of its existence. It is not a matter of finding gold or fame; mostly, it is about chasing our past, the desire to encode our history as humanity, our cradle, our beginning, our roots. As most of us agree that we all are the children of many stars and higher dimensions, we also would love to know the history of our farthest ancestors. 

  • Who were they? 
  • How did they live? 
  • What have they cherished, and toward what they directed their faith? 

We believe that Atlantis has been connected with many outer space civilizations. Why? Was Earth a form of intergalactic prison, and what prison (and prisoners) meant then and now? 

So many questions, and so little answers.

I want to invite you for an unusual journey to the unknown continent of Atlantis, to visit their temples and to learn about their customs. 

  • Are they close to what we know and use today? 
  • What traditions survived and are cultivated until now?

Let's spent some time researching Atlantis and get the first-hand experience. I will take you back in time to your life on Atlantis and give you a chance to bring back your very personal experience of what you did, who you were and how it was for you. Also, you will get a message from you then to use it as guidance in today's life.

We live today in a significant time, which will change the course for the whole of humanity. Let's go back to the times when humans lived on the verge of new for them times. 

  • How had they managed? 
  • Maybe you will find there an inspiration for how to pursue your life today and in the future?

The doors are opening now!

Running time: 2h