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Joel McKerrow

Joel McKerrow comes to you with over a decade experience in both the education and creative arts sectors. Throughout the world he has taught about creativity and the creative process to over 30,000 people. His teaching focuses on the intersection of creativity and self-understanding as well as spirituality, worldview and identity formation. Joel doesn't just teach though, he is constantly pushing his own creativity further. As a performance poet he has toured extensively across Australia, USA, UK and New Zealand with some of the giants of the performance poetry genre. He has numerous literary publications as well as spoken word albums and is Co-host of the successful podcast The Deep Place: On Creativity and Spirituality.  Formally Joel has a bachelor Arts (Psych), a Bachelor of Theology, a  Master of Arts (Vocational Practice) and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. 

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About this course

Welcome to A Clearing in the Forest. 

This course is 5 days a week for 5 weeks with breaks for weekends.  It runs from the 3rd February 2020  to the 6th March 2020. 

It is a learning community for people wanting to recharge, expand and deepen their written creative practice. Joel McKerrow is your creative guide and with over a decades experience in the arts and education sectors you can be assured you'll receive not only practical advice on creative process and writing practice but also methodical and inspirational pedagogy.

Each week-day you will receive:

  1. A 15-20min video lesson from Joel McKerrow: These are the main teaching components of the course where Joel will teach you directly from his wealth of knowledge and experience.

  2. Creative Assignment: This will be your chance to take each days teaching and make it a reality through different writing and creative assignments that Joel will be assigning you each day. This is where the rubber hits the road.
  3. A Reflective Worksheet: These worksheets are downloadable fill-in forms to help you reflect, plan and organise your creative life. These can be done during that day or may be done at a later date if needed.

As with any course, if you do the activities and the worksheets you will maximise your experience. Of course your level of engagement is up to you.

The course will be happening in real time and ideally every student should stay with the pace of the daily lessons to ensure they and the cohort all get the most out of the experience. But there is no pressure, it is possible to work through the lessons at your own pace with access to the course content for 3 months beyond the course finishing date.

Students selecting the mentoring package will have additional support and access to Joel through out the journey. 

For full course details, including weekly lesson plans please visit