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About this course

Two tubes make a sock - one is your leg, the other is your foot.  The two tubes are joined by the heel and closed off at the toe. In this course, you will learn how to knit the easiest heel that works for both top down and toe up socks. 

This self-paced course offers you a choice:  1) knit a sample sock (strongly advised) in about 4 hours OR  2) knit a full size sock following a standard pattern taking whatever time you need.  For each choice, you will learn how to knit it from the top to the toe, and from the toe to the top, always using a simple easy heel.  

Follow step by step videos and downloadable PDFs for each part of the sock. 

With this pattern in hand you can modify your tubes with fancy stitches or mix of colours to suit your tastes.  Or just knit a nice plain sock - your feet won't mind.  In addition to your sample and standard sock pattern, a free patterns are also included in the last lesson. 

Let's have some fun! Course starts SEPTEMBER 11, 202

Materials you will need:  3mm circular needles, 100 g sport or DK wool