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Cheryl Ann Fulton & Harp Secrets

A world class artist and expert historical harpist, Cheryl Ann Fulton has had a successful international performing, recording, teaching and scholarly research career since 1984.  Recognized as a “genuine virtuosa of her instrument” she performs and teaches on medieval, bray, Baroque triple, pedal and lever harps.  She earned BS (pedal harp), MM and DM (historical harp/musicology) degrees from the Indiana University Jacob’s School of Music. While a Fulbright scholar in Portugal she served as principal harpist for the Gulbenkian Orchestra. A versatile recording artist, she can be heard on over forty albums on major labels including PolyGram, Harmonia Mundi, Koch Classics, Nonesuch and Erato, film scores and video game soundtracks in a broad range of musical styles from early, classical, and contemporary to Celtic, World and orchestral music. Her music is on iTunes, Magnatune, Pandora, YouTube and Spotify. Dr. Fulton’s private studio is in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she teaches worldwide online.

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About this course

Hello!  I am Cheryl Ann Fulton, harpist and creator of Harp Secrets. I am excited to offer you my Holistic Harp Method, The Touch & Tone Technique for Harp, which I have developed over 40 years of sharing my passion for the harp with audiences and students world wide. I am here to help you achieve your dream to play the harp with ease and exquisite expression.

This first course, The Foundations of the Touch & Tone Technique for Harp,™ consists of Five Lessons or Modules each containing 4 or 5 Activities including a total of 24 instructional videos, plus 25 pages of musical exercises, and over 40 pages of text for you to download and print.  

The techniques taught in this course will show you the path to playing in a healthy, energy-filled, expressive way on the harp. I demonstrate the techniques on lever, pedal, medieval and triple harps, so no matter which harp you play, my method is still tailored to you.  These movements will help you harmonize the physical work of technique with the personal satisfaction of creating deeply expressive music on the harp.

In addition to the lectures, lessons and exercises, I am offering three bonuses: you will also learn about medieval modal cadences, have a virtual chiropractic session and enjoy a meditation designed to help you open up blockages you may be experiencing when trying to express yourself freely on the harp.

You can purchase lifetime access for only $247!  

This course is a good preparation for future live, online courses where you can work with me directly along with with a group of fellow harpists and learn how to expand and apply the techniques you learned in this course to many styles of wonderful harp music.  These courses will be shorter and on focused topics like: Playing the Tunes of O’Carolan with Baroque Performance Practice, Renaissance and Baroque Music for Weddings and Other Ceremonies,  Practice with Cheryl!, Technique for Triple Harp, Medieval Music for Beginners, Gregorian Chants Arranged for the Harp and more.  Please email me and let me know what topics you would like to see in future Harp Secrets courses.  

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Whether you are a beginning or experienced harpist I am sure in the Harp Secrets courses you will enjoy all these benefits and many more as well as new ideas and inspirations while having fun with your harp!