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Apryl Jensen

Artist, Writer, and Sculptor from Utah

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About this course

Learn to make this complex fairy!


Welcome to the Fairy Sculpting Workshop!  This is an online virtual workshop designed to walk you through every step of creating a beautiful fantasy doll from ProSculpt polymer clay.  The live part of our course has ended, but all of the videos are still here for you to go through at your own pace.  We  have over 14 hours of professional sculpting instruction for you.  This is the next best thing to sculpting along with me in a studio workshop!

In this course, I will teach you:

  • How to make a sturdy armature that will assist the sculpting process
  • How to make your own glass-like eyes
  • How to sculpt a beautiful face over a helpful head armature
  • How to sculpt delicate hands, fingers, feet, and toes
  • How to sculpt the full adult female body
  • How to bake and sand your sculpt for the best results
  • How to create intricate wings to adorn your fairy
  • How to blush the body for realism
  • How to paint a beautiful face
  • Costuming and setting tips and instructions

 The photos below are of similar fairies and dolls I have sculpted.  If you would like to watch the Kneeling Fairy course at Curious Mondo you can find it here.