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Cognitive Edge & Cynefin Centre team

Online learning modules and courses are supported by Cognitive Edge and/or Cynefin Centre staff members. Learning module content has been created by experienced Cynefin practitioners and subject matter experts. Self-paced online learning module support is available by email.

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About this course

Cynefin 101 is the first in a new series of online "Learning Modules" from Cognitive Edge. Granularity is a concept in putting complexity theory to practice whereby organizational units, information objects, software components, training modules, and other system elements are reduced in their size so that they can combine and re-combined with other elements depending on the needs of the system. With this in mind, building a wider library of Learning Modules, as well as Cynefin Practitioner resources, is the direction Cognitive Edge is moving in as it builds capacity in individuals and organizations in the application of Cynefin and related methods. 

This module introduces the concepts and theories that are foundational to the Cynefin framework and is intended for those who are new to Cynefin and would like to cover the basics.

This learning module will cover:

  • an introduction to the Cynefin framework and the evolution of Cynefin terms; 
  • the unique aspects that complex systems involving people have (referred by Cognitive Edge as anthro-complexity); and
  • the differences between systems that are (i) ordered, (ii) complex, and (iii) chaotic

Completion time for this module depends on the pace at which a subscriber processes the content and/or exercises. Typical completion time is 75 to 90 minutes (cumulative time not factoring any stop time).

 Cancellations / Refunds / Transfers

  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-cancellable
  • Training applies to registered individuals only and training material access by non-registered users is not permitted

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