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Jane Blundell

I am an artist and teacher with a love of drawing, sketching, colour and watercolour in particular. I've been drawing and sketching for as long as I can remember and I've been exploring watercolour for over 40 years. I enjoy sharing the tips and techniques that will help you on your creative journey.

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About this course

Mastering Watercolours is an intense and detailed series of 12 lessons designed to gradually introduce colours, techniques and materials to build a really thorough understanding of watercolour. Best suited to those wanting to know how to master watercolour rather than to just splash it about, though we'll do some splashing too :-) 

Includes colour mixing, working with triads, washes, softening edges, and many other watercolour techniques explored with a range of different subjects. 

The introductory lesson will help you get set up, then there are 12 very detailed lessons to follow. 

Dive in and get to work! While it is important that you work through the lessons in order, you will have immediate access to the full course so can work entirely at your own pace.