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Julien C. Mirivel, PhD

Dr. Julien C. Mirivel is Professor of Applied Communication at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He is “among the founding scholars in the emerging field of positive communication” and an award-winning teacher and scholar. Julien has published in the best journals in the field of communication and is the author of two books on positive communication: The Art of Positive Communication: Theory and Practice and How Communication Scholars Think and Act: A Lifespan Perspective. In the last five years alone, he has delivered hundreds of keynotes, trainings, and workshops on how to communicate effectively across contexts. He is a TEDx speaker whose mission is to inspire individuals and groups to communicate more positively at work and at home. For more information and resources, please visit

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About this course

This course offers 8  practical lessons to  immediately improve the way you communicate with others. Filled with dozens of practical activities and  key concepts from the communication discipline, you will  grow as a professional and as a person, create high-quality relationships at work and at home, and lead others more effectively. When you practice my model of positive communication, you will start a butterfly effect. You will change the script on your interactions,  positively affect the relationships that you care about, the groups you work in, and the communities you belong to. And through the process of developing your communication skills, you will  inspire others to thrive and co-create a better society for all.