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Tonya S

Tonya is an Image, Style, and Organization Coach who enjoys helping ladies to discover the often “hidden” potential in their wardrobe or spaces in their home. As a Certified Fashion Consultant, Business Image Consultant, Color Consultant, (and a Mom!), she offers a wide range of Personal Image and Style services, as well as virtual services and programs for Personal Shopping and Professional Organizing— all designed to achieve no fuss, less stress style, with good humor and a lot of encouragement along the way!

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About this course

Best Colors to Wear 2.0!

We’ve already discovered your best colors, right?  Well, my dear - get ready for the next level!


With the introduction to COLOR PERSONALITY, you will now have a powerful personal image tag team that can be used together.  And you’ll learn how to be STRATEGIC with when and how to use them.

We’ll discuss,

- Any questions or updates since your personal colors session

- Your main personality strengths

- How this helps you relate to and communicate better with others

...which combined with wearing the right colors, could mean:

•Being appreciated and shown more respect

•More easily attracting your ideal clients, friends, or maybe mate

•and perhaps even a promotion, or a better job!


How it works

After reserving your session, you will gain to access to a specially-designed questionnaire, along with instructions.  

Your answers will set the stage for our virtual conversation and analysis, either via a Zoom call or through email correspondences.

After our session, I will take time to produce personal notes for you, containing what we discussed and a few more interesting ideas for you to think about!

Please understand that this could take 3-5 days.  Do not expect overnight results- rest assured that during this time I will be doing my best to get this right for you. 

After I email your notes, I’d be more than happy to schedule a brief final session to answer any questions you may have, if you desire...

This is the chance to add another fun and unique experience to what we’ve already discovered.  And if  you’re interested , it’s only $47.

Reserve my  2.0 session