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Joanne Sharpe

Joanne Sharpe is a life long, professional artist and enthusiastic teacher dedicated to empowering others to embrace personal creativity through online classes and traveling workshops. Her expertise is innovative instruction in watercolor painting, art journaling, hand lettering, as well as mixed media and textile art. A former K-12 art teacher, Joanne has decades of teaching experience providing generous, clear, concise instruction to all skill levels . She is the author of five books including the best-selling title The Art of Whimsical Lettering, named an Amazon's Editor's Pick for a Best Craft Book of 2014. Her popular online class "Artfully Inspired Life"™ has provided inspiration to thousands of members world wide. Joanne resides in Rochester, New York, with her very supportive husband, is the mom to a daughter, three sons and grandma to four littles. Follow Joanne’s artfully inspired life at:

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About this course

ART SPARKS2! "Color. Collage. Concertina." with Joanne Sharpe

Art Sparks! INSPIRE YOU...EMPOWER YOU...ENCOURAGE YOU...  A new online instructional art series with Joanne Sharpe to "ignite your creativity" in big project driven, art workshops  with a teeny price.  Here's Art Sparks 2!  You're invited to continue in my classroom for another artful adventure.  This is just what you need! 

FOLLOW JOANNE ON INSTGRAM: As seen on INSTAGRAM @joannesharpe, Joanne teaches you how to playfully showcase art and words.                                            

  • CLASS STARTS 7/20/20 Entire class content will be available.   All skill levels welcome.  Enjoy FIVE big instructional lessons with 10 demo videos  that will be up and ready for your self paced participation on your time, any time.  This is a complete class, filled with the same generous content I provide in my higher  priced classes.  But each class in the Art Sparks! collection  is offered at the crazy $14.95 price, my gift to you!   
  • IT'S A DIMENSIONAL BOOK MAKING CLASS!  Reinvent the "concertina" (or accordian book) with expressive, innovative ideas and design .
  • IT'S A PAINTING CLASS!  Enjoy a batch of whimsical painting technique demos with watercolor, acrylics and gouache.  You'll find a favorite. 
  • IT'S A COLOR CLASS!  Joanne Sharpe does color like no other!  Play with your paints and confidently explore brave, bold color choices for  your own art.    
  • IT'S A "MORE LETTERING" CLASS!  In Sparks 2! we will try painted words, new letterforms and design text boxes with playful fonts to make your art speak.
  • IT'S A COLLAGE CLASS! !  Embellish your pages with bits and pieces,  patterns, textures,  paper shapes and layered imagery.     
  • IT'S POSITIVITY NOW!   In these unusual times in the world, let's make art, create a colorful inspirations and channel good vibes from the universe. 
  • IT'S SIMPLE TO ACCESS!  Instant access with payment.   "Art Sparks"  is hosted on the platform where you will sign up and create your own email and password code for easily getting in and out of the classroom.  Enjoy unlimited, forever access.

Am I crazy?  Probably, but how about this class for just $14.95.   See you in the classroom, it's my gift to you!

***REGISTER WITH  WITH PAYPAL .  IF YOU DON’T LIKE USING PAYPAL :  You can pay with a credit card on my Square account.  Email me: and I will send you an invoice to register.  There is a 50 cent fee to process credit cards outside of my Paypal.