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Patti Barker

As a fiber artist and teacher I have a fascination of wearable art for the stage. I love exploring rich color and texture combinations, and employ a variety of techniques to create my work. Nuno felting, hand-dyeing, needle felting and bead embroidery all compliment the tactile and visual narratives of each piece of my art. I am continually intrigued with the ability wearable art has to transform its wearer. I consider myself a happy human, doing my best to find joy and share it. Living in the San Juan Islands with my husband, our dog and parrot are part of that joy. Fiber art is the other. I've been felt-making full time since 2010 and have won a few awards for wearable art. In 2017 I graduated from Western Washington University with a B.A. in Studio Art. It wasn't easy at my age, but it was a lot of fun! To see more of my work, visit

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About this course

This course is designed to give the maker new tools for their fiber art toolbox. Take a textural adventure in felt making--from simulated animal skins to roses and ruffles, we will entrap beads, learn mosaics and create raised shapes. Participants will come away with six 10" x 10" samplers, and skills to use when designing unique felted items. 

Beginning August 10th, students participate in this self-study class by joining the discussion at the end of each exercise. There are video demonstrations and written instructions with photos for each activity. In person, this class takes approximately four hours. You may choose to make all six samplers at once (rolling them all at the same time), or you may choose to make one or two a week, it's up to you! Online class will last for three weeks, after which time students will have the access to the entire content and discussions indefinitely. It is self-paced, and I recommend you  set aside time to do the activities and ask questions, upload photos of their progress, etc.

By registering for this class, you will be automatically shipped the materials, containing six mini kits. There are additional items you will need to gather for this class:

  • One 2’ x 8’ rubber rug mat. You can get one online at Amazon for around $20 (free shipping with prime), or try walmart or target.  Be sure to get the ones with small holes; OR you can use a 90" length of bubble wrap with an extra piece for rubbing.
  • Pool Noodle, 2 foot section; or a wood dowel, or PVC pipe
  • Hand sprayer with warm water OR you may use a small container with a ball brause (available on Etsy for around $20), OR a new one-gallon garden sprayer
  • Soap - liquid dish soap is fine
  • Sharp, full-sized scissors
  • If you are using a 6' folding table, you will need four table risers. They come round or square, usually black and are available at Walmart in the housewares department. They're called bed risers and sold in sets of 4 for around $10. (these will help save your back from aching); OR cut PVC pipe to fit your table legs
  • One or two old towels - you don’t mind staining