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Alicja Aratyn

Alicja Aratyn is a Chemist and Master in Environmental Engineering from Poland. She’s also a Reverend with CIMM and carries the Doctorate of Metaphysics. Alicja is a gifted healer, who sees people's energy and removes disturbances from past lives, entities and extraterrestrials. She helps people from many walks of life to bring positive changes and desired effects. Alicja's meta-physical training is based on the Old European School of Radiesthesia and Ancient Egyptian School of Vibrations and Sacred Geometry. Alicja lectures and teaches around the world and is known for turning strictly scientific knowledge into delightful, comprehensive and practical use. She systemized and re-structured the old teaching systems, and created a unique system "Science of Dowsing." According to Alicja, dowsing is the best example of direct application of Sacred Geometry, which helps improve health conditions, quality of live performance, relationship status and the calibre of prosperity.

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About this course

Gain total control of the energy of your house, environment, and health! Help others to have a peaceful and healthy life!  This course will give you a full understanding of the most fascinating, helpful, and powerful vibration called Negative Green!

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Negative Green Vibration is as much helpful as it is misunderstood frequency to the majority of dowsers!

After finishing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the type of Negative Green Vibration present in your house, environment and your body
  • Successfully use Magnetic or Horizontal Aspect to counteract many health conditions and the influence of Vertical or Electrical Aspect
  • Help yourself, your family members and those you care about with recovering from their health perturbations.

Knowing and understanding means being able to act wisely, precisely and successfully! 

In this over three hours long course, you will learn:

  • The structure and nature of Negative Green Vibration
  • Aspects of Negative Green: Magnetic and Electric or Horizontal and Vertical
  • How to utilize each of those two aspects in our everyday life
  • How can we apply Negative Vibration in therapeutic dowsing session?
  • Details about pendulums working with Negative Green: Osiris and Karnak.

Negative Green Vibration, known from the times of Ancient Egypt, but re-discovered just in the 1930s, due to its two diametrically opposite aspects, remains a secret for many therapists and dowsers. 

It is time to bring it forward and share more in-depth knowledge about this phenomenal, powerful, and extremely useful frequency.

When you purchase this course, you will work with your own pace, repeating particular parts as often as you wish. The course material is available to you 24/7!

Join a continually growing group of dowsers who can effectively apply changes!

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Running time:  2h 22 minutes