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Nicola Brown

I am passionate about using natural materials and local vegetation to create decorative art, interior accessories and luxurious art to wear. My current fine art textile practice revolves around the use of felt making, eco printing and natural dyeing: I grow most of my own print and dye materials. Eco printing is a simple process where natural fabric including hand made felt, silk, linen and lambswool is wrapped with leaves, onion skins, seed pods, bark and other foraged vegetation. These bundles are tied up tightly then go through a heating process to help extract colour directly from the organic matter.

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About this course

Are you an experienced felter but have never eco printed flat or sculptural felt? 

Are you an experienced eco printer but would like to try your hand making seamless felt bags? 

Would you like to learn the basics of successful eco printing in a ‘dirty pot’ without powered mordants, the chemical salts used traditionally to fix colour?

Are you interested in working in a health conscious and environmentally mindful way?

Would you like to discover a simple way of replacing roving or batts with commercially prepared prefelt to save time in the studio?

Have you health issues which mean that getting tips about how to replace the rolling by hand with agitation in a tumble dryer and revolutionise how you think of the physicality of felting?

Maybe you've no experience with either felting or eco printing but would just like to get stuck in and give them a go! 

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above then this 2 module workshop might be the one for you! It’s suitable for total beginners and those with previous experience who want to refine their felting and/or eco printing techniques. All are welcome.

The idea of this workshop is that you will learn new techniques or refine old in a fun and supportive environment. Both the felt bag module and the eco printing module contain enough information and tips to make them suitable as stand alone courses so if you’re interested in one technique but not the other I think you should still find the course helpful. Rather than offering the workshop as a short ‘on demand’ project based self guided course I have decided to offer it as an expanded guided course because of the difficult times we are experiencing worldwide. This means that you will get more buck for your money as I’m trying to make the price affordable for everyone, my little gift to you! 

Once the workshop starts on Friday 5th February I will be sharing tips, advice and detailed step by step instructions from my studio through text, images and plenty of short little video clips. In addition to the online modules you will be able to download 2 pdf files for future reference and by the end of our time together will have learnt the necessary techniques to felt and print simple, sculptural three dimensional bags.The workshop will remain online and available to participants up until Friday April 30th, that’s a total of 8 weeks from the start date. I'll be at the other end of my computer daily for a total of 4 weeks from the start date to offer support, advice, feedback and answer your questions. Life has a tendency to get in the way especially in these uncertain times and I want to make sure that everyone has time to work through all the content. As a result I’ll still be available to answer questions and give feedback for the latter half of the workshop (just not on such a frequent daily basis) but if you’re not sure about timing I hope to offer it again during 2021, probably in the late summer or early autumn.

There will also be a private Facebook group for the duration of the workshop where participants can meet, chat and share images of the pieces that they create.