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All the important stuff you need to know about managing an online community, without the fluff or BS. Perfect for community managers and the senior executives who manage them.

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Maddie Grant and Ben Martin

Maddie Grant, CAE and Ben Martin, CAE are well-known association industry experts on social media, digital strategy and online community building.

About this Course

Why Essentials of Online Community Management is for YOU:

  • For community managers (full or part-time) and the senior executives who oversee online community initiatives.
  • With five 30 minute lessons, you can complete the course in a week, a month, or cram it all into one day.
  • You don’t have  to wait for a live course to start. The video lessons are available on-demand.
  • You don’t need a deep dive into the finer points community management. We cover the important stuff you need to know, with no fluff or BS.
  • Each session comes with a free sample document, template or plan that you can adapt for use at your organization.
  • Your tuition includes personal attention from two leading voices in social media and online communities.


  • Setting Strategy
  • Going Live
  • Sustaining Engagement
  • Managing Risk
  • ROI & Reporting