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About this course

Cynefin 102 focuses on how the Cynefin framework and its methods can be used to make sense of a wide array of operating environments and contexts. The Cynefin framework offers a powerful "lens" for situational assessments, however, when it is contextualized with data and insights from specific environments, the resultant models offer leaders and teams a decision model that is highly relevant to their needs and context.

By taking this learning module you will learn:

  • how to use the Cynefin framework to make sense of a wide array of operating environments and contexts 
  • three Cynefin methods that can be used to support sense-making as an individual or as a group 
  • about Cynefin and experience the difference between sense-making and categorization
  • how the 4-points and Linear Cynefin methods can create a Cynefin model that reflects a unique context and environment
  • about a portfolio of interventions and the importance of coherence

Completion time for this module depends on the pace at which a subscriber processes the content and/or exercises. Typical completion time is 75 to 90 minutes (cumulative time not factoring any stop time).

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