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Glacia Rain - Ascension Consciousness Learning Society

Glacia Rain, Founder of the Ascension Consciousness Learning Society™  is a Certified Life Coach fulfilling a mission to assist in planetary acceleration of consciousness evolution. One of Instagram’s and YouTube’s popular intuitives with thousands of global followers and subscribers, she offers one-of-a kind, proprietary learning events designed to support others in claiming their spiritual sovereignty and to step into their true power as creator beings. Glacia is dedicated to aiding others in connecting to their higher selves and stepping onto their true path.  ​

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About this course

Many have heard of the Dark Night of the Soul, and many more have experienced how it breaks down one's identity and old ways of being, causing a transformation of how we perceive the world. It can feel like one of the lowest points in our lives while it burns away at limiting beliefs and patterns, clearing the way for a brighter you. In this class you will learn:

  • What are the symptoms of Dark Night of the Soul

  • How it changes your ego and identity

  • Ways to identify the main triggers

  • The multiple stages of the breakdown before your breakthrough 

  • Coping strategies to more comfortably navigate the Dark Night of the Soul

  • Take at your own pace

  • ...And much more