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Team Wag the Dog

Team Wag the Dog is comprised of Wag the Dog and Company founder, Jennifer Pratt, and Victoria Hohlfeld who joined the company in 2020.

Jennifer is a certified professional dog trainer and consultant through the Academy for Dog Trainers (CTC), a Certified Separation Anxiety Counselor through Malena DeMartini (CSAT), a SA Pro through Julie Naismith, and Certified Professional Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA).

Victoria is a student of the Academy for Dog Trainers, a graduate of the Fear Free Shelter Program, manages Owner Support Programming for a local non-profit organization, and volunteers for the ASPCA as a responder.

We are constantly striving to share in-depth accurate information to support dog guardians in our local and worldwide online community.

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About this course

Without understanding what motivates your dog and how to use their motivators, there will be no training - however, there WILL be a lot of frustration and confusion. 

Your dog isn't stubborn, they're just unmotivated! (Or they don't fully understand what is being asked of them!)

Dogs don't do things for free and neither do we! Let us help you learn what motivates your dog and how to put it to work for both of you!

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