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Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustration Tribe

I want DRAW you out of your shell so you can flow and shine freely in Fashion Art and Design! All of the ideas held in your head....I'm here to share the tools, to bring them out onto paper, in an encouraging environment that meets you at your pace. I want you to feel safe to create, growing into your confidence in a playful, curious way, what I'm teaching learning in my classes at Parsons since 1997 . This is where you can discover the MAGIC that lives in your hands, your mind, and your heart when they work together. Where what you feel, think, know and are curious about l as you leads as you develop your unique style / voice to share with the world and explore what's within you.

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TUTORIAL-Drawing without Fear- DRAWING BASICS lessson 1

*********NOTE:  Originally Model Drawing Magic was designed as an intensive experience with one module released each week so that you can integrate and anchor into embodying each exercise.   To be honest, the exercises can be done regularly and revisited often, much like a workout or exercise or anything that involves muscle memory and forming new neuropathways and ways of working.  You can pace yourself weekly or longer, but  make sure that you allow yourself to put each  module into practice with the model practice session videos enclosed before advancing to the next module*****

Model Drawing Magic  is a method I created based on having been a student AND a teacher of model drawing at Parsons School of Design—back in the days when drawing and fine art were an integral part of the program's very core before those classes were replaced with digital programs that left drawing skills on the back burner.( DRAWING, to me, is not only the best design skill for making your ideas visible quickly in the moment, but is also therapeutic, pleasurable, dreamy, physical, tactile, meditative, timeless, natural, and free.)

MODEL DRAWING MAGIC enrollment is open  

From August to September I will host 8 Friday night live sketch sessions- in addition to your 16 weekly modules- just for MDM members. About an hour each, these sessions will focus on the quick sketching exercises and embodying the new techniques, with live q and a(ps  you are always welcome to q and a inside the private course area)

Are you ready to become fluent in the language of the body?

 In all its expressions, proportions, poses and emotions?

 Welcome to this page which has free videos on it for all visitors whether you join the program or not!!! You're soooo welcome, and enjoy!

"DRAWING, I believe, is called DRAWING because of what it DRAWS from within you....." --Laura

****Please note: MODEL DRAWING MAGIC was originally designed as a program with a weekly drip, so  that each week you could practice and integrate a new drawing appraoch  and annchor it into your experience and confidence before hurrying into the next. THERE'S NO  NEED TO HURRY!

Each step of this program intentionally builds into the next and onto the previous so please, settle into one at a time and listen to yourself- you'll know when to move on to the next module. DO NOT- I REPEAT DO NOT-- skip lessons before moving into the next ones or you will miss out on the rich vital transformative drawing experience that you came here for!!! *****

Enrollment in Model Drawing Magic program NOW includes the 17 module course (plus any new modules I add in the future) PLUS my bonus "MODEL FILES VIDEO LIBRARY VAULT" full of curated, posed model images to study and practice sketching figures from.

(There are two more videos at the bottom this page to get you into the feel of my teaching of you’re new to my world!!)  just press play to learn and enjoy. ***If you've never drawn before-start with the video "Drawing Without Fear". Scroll down to view)




 How do we straddle the two ends, between technique, tools and emotional expression?

To be honest, I'll say it again and again, but -

the way to get precise, clean, accurate and in control is to first get into the mess, the raw, the free, the dark.  

To let it all go, and then refine ONLY FROM THERE!  Trying to get more and more perfect only tightens the stranglehold on your drawing. THIS TRUTH PLAGUES many artists and PARTICULARLY lovers of fashion, naturally, and can keep us feeling restrained within a limited range of expression.

Model Drawing Magic  is a method I created based on having been a die-hard student AND a teacher of model drawing, and having experienced  a POWERFUL liberation and opening when I was 18 years old,  by not having been able to draw before, and then having an incredible teacher who opened it all up for me.

So, be assured, this is all based on my personal experience as an artist, and then as a professor guiding hundreds of fashion design students at Parsons. (Did you know that even after I graduated with a degree in fashion design (even with honors), it was five more years before I was able to say "I am an artist"?-- if this kind of block is running in the background for you, this is also something that you will get to work on with me within the course journey).

The Model Drawing Magic method exercise in this the program are designed  to transform the way you draw  and widen your scope of expression. 

 I hand picked and  curated these exact because they were all game-changers for me, for my students over 30 years teaching fashion illustration, , and form the very foundations of my work and practice!

I WANT TO HELP YOU DISCOVER A DEEPER MORE HONEST and confident EXPRESSION in your art, as well as experience a wider sense of joy, curiosity, appreciation and connection with the actual work you do.

Beginner or advanced,it doesnt matter because  these exercises “never get old”.   I STILL USE THEM to tap into my personal flow and reconnect with beauty, truth and accuracy all at the same time!! They are part of the permanent "toolbox" that runs in the background every single time I come to the "drawing table". And I am truly grateful for them.

I wouldn’t even offer such a program if I didn’t stand behind it with all my heart and soul.


Each  weekly module, we go over what comes up, why the exercise works,  how you can apply it to achieve what YOU want,  and  clear limiting beliefs and fears that come up as you get into the practice of   “letting go” to get more movement, expression and depth  (plus accuracy) in your  drawing. 

the Pre-recorded video demonstrations are about 20 minutes long and  can be viewed again and again- they are shorter because your job is to DRAW, not to sit passively. I will give you very targeted exercises each module to compound and amplify your range of expressive outlets and tools.

We’ll also re-think how you approach using your art supplies and your body in your drawing. Not only are you drawing the body, you ARE A BODY, you HAVE A BODY! In Model Drawing Magic, we bring your whole body into your Model Drawing experience so you are not all cramped up into your fingers and brain alone. Fashion is sensual, full, emotional, and ... it moves. LIKE YOUR BODY wants to!

I  CAN’T IMAGINE a subject  more inspiring than the human form.  Both as a drawing subject, and as a vessel for this soul to experience and enjoy.

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I can't wait to work with you! 

Enjoy the free videos above and  below to get started. 

This experience goes very deep into undoing the way you think drawing happens, with standing, posed figures as the subject. 

We'll work through  15 exercises

... that each take a different drawing myth and busts it, 

....a different art tool and explores it, 

...and a different aspect of drawing and deepens it, making it YOURS so you can embody it through felt experience that you will experience a transformatin in expression and experience drawing models and anything else. that you will esxperience a change in the way you see YOURSELF and your process in creating and drawing.

THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE FEELING to cross the threshold into drawing and seeing this way and feeling self-expressed dynamically, accurately and vitally.

Share you work and ask your questions in our private course area here for all the support and feedback you want.

***and if you want to add the private coaching option, (additional $2222) We'll meet 8 times over the 15 weeks for a 45 minute call to work on the exercises to to bring them to life and make new headway in a deeper way.

****another way to enhance the Model Drawing Magic experience is to compound it with FASHION SKETCH GROUP where we meet weekly to sketch for two hours from images I curate and vibrant jazz and world music to keep the energy flowing.

I can't wait to work with you!


*Remember there are no refunds on my digital courses, Make sure you're certain you want to  commit to the special journey I've prepared for you!

The model drawing exercises I've created and curated in the program are designed to deepen and  transform the way you draw and see, widen your scope of expression. (There are two videos on this page to get you into the feel of my teaching of you’re new to my world!!)  just scroll down. 

These exact exercises I chose  because they were all game-changers for me, for my students, and form the very foundations of my work and practice! They also took me from not being able to draw to ... well, being a designer, illustrator, author, artist and professor whose work is very much based on drawing ! 

Capturing people and fashion on paper and bringing them to life is my joy. OUR JOY!


Learning and Leading with Pleasure in Art ,Education and Creativity