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The Chung Fu Team - Sally, Sophie & Jerome

Transformation from the Roots Up... Empower yourself and re-connect to your Soul and Higher Self Presence through our transformational courses and events given through Spirit guidance.

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About this course

This 3 hour event will Live Stream to you from Glastonbury UK on Saturday September 19th at 8.30pm (GMT)

The technical side is very simple and only requires an internet connection.

If you have an internet connection then you will have access to a live stream video of the event....if you have both an internet connection and a phone line then it means that when there is an opportunity to speak/ask questions at the end we can hear you otherwise you will have to submit your question via written word in the chat box....

The very easy to follow instructions and the video live stream itself are all accessed from within the membership area which you will enter upon registering. A recording will also be made available to those who register.