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Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustration Tribe

I want to see you come out of your shell! All of those ideas in your head....I'm here to give you the tools, one by one, to bring them out onto paper, in an encouraging environment that meets you one your schedule. I want you to feel safe to create as you grow into your confidence in a playful, exploring, deep way to know what fashion students are learning in my classes for 20 years now at the best fashion schools, but without the debt and pressure. This is where you can get empowered in a place where you are in the driver's seat, and what you feel, think, know and are curious about matters as you develop your unique style and voice to share with the world....or even just for yourself. I want you to never be afraid of a blank piece of paper again....... xoxo Laura

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About this course


(...YES, that welcome INCLUDES  you BEGINNERS as well as more experienced who want to take this as far as you can go!)

Release your fears, get your skills, find your voice.  With me. I'm Laura Volpintesta, founder of Fashion Illustration Tribe and I've created a fashion design program like no other, for someone like you.... uniquely like you... (and like ME who started Parsons School of Design in 1991 with no experience- and have been teaching there now since 1997!)

YOU who have always had this love for fashion that noone else could understand.  A love for design, for people, for craftsmanship, for fabrics, silhouettes and style, for culture and creativity and the LANGUAGE that only  fashion EXPRESSES  into the world and the hearts of people and history..  A love for how fashion can make someone FEEL and see themselves in the world. For the way that design can innovate, serve, and bring a sense of the sacred into everyday life. Fashion has a way of expressing that sacredness of the human who wears our styles and designs.

BUT, you.... never got the chance. You never had the support. You never got the time or space available to sink deeply into the arts of fashion. Quite possibly you are convinced that you can't draw, sew, sketch, that you don't understand color or fabrics or ANYTHING....


You KNOW that is something relentless inside you. FASHION IS FOR YOU. YOU ARE FOR IT.  You know that if you had access and guidance to embody the processes and skillsets of fashion design and illustration, A FOUNTAIN OF CREATIONS WOULD POUR FORTH!

Maybe you are business-focused, maybe you are purely creatively focused, but either way- WITHOUT SKILLS and STYLE, without articulation of truly inspired ideas, what is the point, right?

Whether in Freedom Fashion (the all-access pass to my entire suite of programs) or here in Soulful Fashion Foundation Immersion (this semester long, 16-weekly dropped rich modules)  fashion program, we will leave no stone unturned to take you through each lifetime creative skill that you need to build your portfolio.

What you'll LEARN through EXPERIENCE:

  • expressive model drawing, for straight and posed figures
  • to sketch and customize your croquis for any body types,( including your OWN)- I'm a big believer in designing for your own body)
  • professional gouache techniques for fashion design illustrations
  • color mixing/ color matching/ rendering techniques  so you can create accurate color and texture in your sketches to look like  your swatches
  • rendering textures and prints to scale (making your illustration look like the fabric in actual size on your sketch)
  • excellent art supplies for fashion sketching and how you to use them for informative, accurate and beautiful quality fashion sketches and sketchbooks
  • technical drawing-how to indicate  stitching, darts, gathers, etc....
  • how to discuss and talk about fashion and design with the verbal language to communicate fashion ideas and concepts
  • creative feedback community, like- minded creatives!
  • mood boards/ inspiration boards/ design lresearch- create some!
  • color palettes- how create stories with color choices
  • textiles/ fabric swatches- basic print design techniques - create, create!
  • design sketchbook development- "the croquis book" develop your ideas
  • quick sketching unique collections and garments-practice in your sketchbook
  • how to use  shading to create 3-d form on a 3-D page
  • design, edit and illustrate an original group of clothes (rinse, repeat and  you 'll have your portfolio!)
  • to illustrate  your collection
  • to present your sketches
  • Technical drawing and flat sketching
  • to ask questions and get feedback and guidance from me!


You'll gain instant access to your first of 16 core modules that drip out weekly in SOULFUL FASHION FOUNDATION IMMERSION  (about an hour per week of video), and be guided every step to developing, illustrating and designing your own first unique fashion collection, in watercolors, with an inspiration board, fabric swatches, and details.

I've carefully created and curated the  lessons intentionally take  you from beginner to deep, gradually, and making you feel at ease trying new ways to see and work with your eyes, hands, and art supplies---based on decades of experience working with students and designers to bring out the best in them

What's my secret recipe? Honestly I've based everything I teach based on the cream of what I've learned and experienced in my own journey learning the arts of fashion design.  I wouldn't even do this if I didn't love it SO MUCH. The only thing I love more than the arts of fashion (and my family and music) is DRAWING AN ARTIST out of someone who KNEW THEY WANTED THIS BUT DIDN'T FULLY BELIEVE HOW POWERFUL THEIR DESIRE TO DESIGN AND CREATE WAS.  My sacred gift is to create a space where you feel so safe to explore and share, safe to make enough "mistakes" to find your own genius lying there among them, and to bring out the fullest potential of your unique VOICE.

It is my intention that when  you finish this program, you will "own" art and fashion as part of your experience, deeply. Your eyes, hands, and heart will experience a change that you will carry forward in your life and ou tinto the worl.

Creativity and art will become more of a core experience of your every day life.  Also, the experience of confidence and self-discovery that builds over time literally changes the way you see yourself, talk to yourself (and others) , and move in the world. Why is that? Because your creative journey will bring you up close to inner voices that try to tell you you can't do this or that your voice doesn't matter, and TOGETHER WE WILL come to understand where those voices came from and bring healing to the relationship with the self.  When you start to see what you are capable of and amaze yourself, there is an overwhelming sense of love, acceptance, wonder and "magic" that is undeniable. And THAT is where I want to bring you, because creative experession in all forms  is your birthright!

You keep your lifetime access to all of the modules, and can review videos and lessons again and again. (priceless!).   Every step of the way you are invited to share your comments and artwork in the discussion boxes where you can give and get feedback from our cozy classroom community! 

The Art supply kit is not required but highly recommended- you can purchase now and it will be on its way to you!