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Leslie Hopkins

I am a fully certified Stott Pilates Instructor with over 18 years experience teaching people how to move well. During the last 6 years I have been working primarily in the field of Women's Pelvic Health, and have a number of certifications related to this field of study. About 6 years ago I went through menopause and noticed changes in my body, more specifically, I became incontinent and found out that I had pelvic prolapse :( as a fitness professional I was devastated. However necessity, being the mother of invention, lead me to research and study, and I found that pelvic floor disorders (such incontinence & prolapse) are epidemic and happen for a variety of reasons. I have resolved my issues, my mission is to help other women restore their pelvic health naturally. I specialize in Pelvic Floor Exercise Therapy and a member of the Women's Health Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, where I receive ongoing training and support.

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About this course


Confident Core Movement Classes

An exercise program designed to help you thrive!

This program is appropriate for WOMEN experiencing pelvic health issues, chronic back pain, hip or pelvic pain AND it's also appropriate for those wanting to avoid these issues.
Whether you want to return to exercise,  recover from injury, move pain free or enhance athletic performance.
This mind/body exercise program teaches you concepts based in exercise science, using movement based classes.
Classes are innovative & appropriate for all fitness levels.

•  Weekly 55 minute exercise classes in a Live Group setting,  Tuesday's  at  9:15  AM  PST
• Bi-Weekly 25 minutes classes - because we don't always have time for a full hour :-)
•  Live class access to your instructor, whether it's to let her know you are dealing with an injury or maybe you have a question
•  Access to a library where you can watch classes at a time that's convenient for you
•  Workout video library including shorter classes & those using small equipment pieces
•  Instructional videos which introduce you to basic principles used in this method of exercise
•  Videos & documents to support your understanding & learning


My name is Leslie Hopkins, and I am passionate about providing women with the information they need to resolve issues such as incontinence & prolapse, naturally. 

 I am a Movement Educator,  Speaker and Facilitator of workshops including Better Bladder Health Core Confidence for Women. I have been successfully supporting women since 2003 and stepped into teaching online courses in 2016, with Laugh Without Leaking. 

Online courses are part of our 'new normal' as we all navigate this world pandemic. And I am honoured to be supporting women in moving well for life with The Confident Core Method, my latest course offering.


*** We use a few props during our classes together, such as light Hand Weights, TheraBand & Pilates Ball ***

Props add variety to basic exercises, they also increase challenge and provide support, they keep things fresh!
These props are inexpensive and very versatile, you can email me for details: