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Hi, we’re Mati McDonough and Faith Evans-Sills, Friends, co-teachers, authors, retreat leaders, art collaborators and painters. We each have over 20 years of personal painting experience, along with years of working in the art worlds of New York City and San Francisco. We draw from these experiences as we create our popular online classes and retreats. We offer art retreats for women in some of the most beautiful & inspiring places in the world. Together we share a love of inspiring women to explore their creative dreams through making art. Our co-authored book Painting the Sacred Within has become a beloved resource of inspiration for woman world wide as they explore their creative and art making dreams. We're happy that you're here with us!

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About this course

Art Practice Masterclass: Turning Your Passion Into Profit Online



In this class we will lead you through creating the foundation that you need to thrive! TAKE YOUR WORK TO THE NEXT LEVEL, RE-AWAKEN YOUR CREATIVITY AND BUILD YOUR CREATIVE BUSINESS.

Class Details:

When: Instant Access Upon Purchase
Where: Online, Self Paced you’ll have all of the 14 days of content immediately at your fingertips. Its all yours to keep forever after!

Cost: $195


Join us in this Masterclass, with artists, teachers, retreat leaders, authors & collaborators Mati McDonough and Faith Evans-Sills in the Art Practice Masterclass: Turning Your Passion Into Profit Online.

This will be a deep immersion into the ideas and ways of working at the core of our creative processes. What we are going to teach you is about slowing down to speed up. This class will take your creative confidence further than ever, giving you the tools to stop dreaming about your visions and actually manifest them!

Begin your best year ever with us!!

Are you a creative wondering how do I make it? Where do I begin? How do I last? How do I develop my online presence?

  • An artist who longs to be able to talk about and sell your work with more clarity and confidence? 

  • A creative who wants to take their business online but feels unsure of the steps?

  • Overwhelmed with all the things? Burnt out creatively and wondering when it will all get easier? 

  • Wondering and asking yourself why am I doing this? 

We get it and we’ve been there. As artists who’ve both been doing this creative work for decades and weathered the storms of 20+ years of creating we understand. We’re here to provide needed support, nurturing, focus, re-invigoration and guidance. Let us hold the lantern as we lead you on the artist path.