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Apryl Jensen

Artist and Sculptor from Draper, UT

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About this course




With this set of High Quality HD Videos,

You'll learn the skills you need to create beautiful Baby Mermaids!

Featuring nearly 3 hours of Professional, Detailed Instructions

This is a 12 Part Series of Videos (each around 11 minutes in length...134 minutes total)


You will learn:

How to Create an Armature for this Unique Body Shape

How to Sculpt a Baby Face, using my Snuggle Babes video

(That's another 53 minutes of bonus video footage!)

How to Sculpt Baby Ears

How Savannah (Green Merbaby) was put together

How to Sculpt a Torso, Shoulders, Arms, and Fisted Hands

How to Create a Darling Baby Bottom

How to Create an Amazing, Vibrant Mermaid Tail

How to Create Mermaid Scales

How to Create an Iridescent Orchid-like Tail Fin

How to Give your Doll Beautiful Hair

and much more!

My videos are known for their in-depth detail and information. I want to help you sculpt these beautiful merbabies, and know the joy of creating a beautiful One of a Kind Doll!


The download videos are in mp4 format, which means they can be downloaded and easily played on your computer, using Quicktime, a program most computers have. (Or it can be easily downloaded and installed).  You can also watch them online in this eCourse.

They also work great on Smartphones and iPads!

134 min Mermaid Videos, 53 min. Sculpting a Baby Face (from SnuggleBabes)