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Katherine Sanders

I work with progressive leaders interested in improving the health of their work systems.

I have a BS, MS & PhD in Industrial & Systems Engineering, specializing in Human Factors.

That means I'm a work system engineer who focuses on employee and organizational health. My research area was occupational stress, so I'm well-versed in how chronic stress erodes health.

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January 8-31, 2021


Registration is open until January 8, 2021.

Safety is complex.  It's physical and it's psychological.  

Rule following isn't  safety.  Safety is  about having the capacity to respond to a situation as it arises.  When the situation keeps changing, we have to rely even more  on our people having the capacity to respond.   We need them to buy into the changes we are making.  We do that by having them shape those changes. And it's also true that we need their expertise to help us reshape how we work - more safely, more equitably.

This program provides a simple framework for you to have a rich conversation with your employees about what they need to be safer at work - physically and psychologically. Use it again and again as the situation continues to evolve.  engage your people

  • find out what matters most to them
  • benefit from their knowledge and insights
  • come up with a better (safer, healthier, sustainable) way to work

We'll even put the classic hierarchy of needs to work for us - maybe you didn't realize how useful it is!

We'll have 3 live calls:

  • Friday, January 15, noon-1PM (CT)
  • Friday, January 22, noon-1PM (CT)
  • Friday, January 29, noon-1PM (CT)

The calls will be recorded, so if you need to miss, no worries.  You can catch up afterward.  And you are always welcome to  join my free monthly First Fridays zoom calls to keep the conversation going.  


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